Book Review: Playing With Fire (Glasgow Lads, #3) – Avery Cockburn

Playing With FireDate of Publication: January 29, 2016
Genre and Themes: LGBTQ, Romance, Friends To Lovers, Sports
Format: 330 pages, ebook
Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Art: Damonza
Characters: Robert McKenzie, Liam Carroll

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

This third instalment of the Glasgow Lads maybe a bit surprising for the fans of the series because the main characters here are best buds, Liam Caroll and the supposedly straight member of the Woodstoun Warriors, Robert McKenzie. Apparently, he’s not that straight and he’s got the hots for his best friend! Yay! Now, tell me how hot is that? You would think that upon realizing Robert is bisexual, Liam will be all over him in a hot second but that’s just so not the case. Liam just couldn’t risk falling for the person he couldn’t live without. There’s just so much on the line pursuing something between them. Or so Liam thought. Robert is ready to take their relationship to the next level but he’s got to make Liam see that what they have is actually worth taking a chance on.

Three things I super loved about this book:

  1. I just loved how Robert was the one taking the chance here and the one who really made the moves. He’s just super-adorable especially about saving his first gay kiss. That’s like the ‘awww..’ moment of the book!
  2. The damn hot sex scenes! Just totally burning hot!
  3. Fergus and John’s wedding! I really loved these boys and their wedding was just a joy to read especially after reading ‘Playing It Safe’ where they had their engagement! Just really sweet!

Things I don’t hate but may have balked a little while reading the book:

  1. Liam’s super annoying attitude towards Robert. At some point in the book, I was like yelling internally at him to try to at least make some effort! There’s no question that he loves Rabbie so it’s just frustrating to see him actually creating the walls between them and being overly dramatic at times.
  2. Liam’s untoward feelings about Fergus and John’s wedding. Ugh. He really got on my nerves here. I guess I could understand where he’s coming from but I feel that there was no point in the book that he’s really been ‘extremely’ happy for the couple.

So, it’s only Liam’s attitude that kind of ticked me off in this story but overall, it was still a super-awesome book! For sure, Avery is one gifted writer and I couldn’t wait for her next books especially after hinting here that she’ll be working next on Evan’s story! Yikes! I don’t know how she would give Evan the redemption arc he clearly needed after his intro during the first book. How can you ever validate cheating? And I’m kind of worried because that is one of my pet peeves!!!! I am certain though that Avery will make it work because this series is seriously beyond phenomenal! I am all for the story of these lads and we’ve only got four of them so far!!! Imagine the other boys’ stories to come! If you don’t want to get left behind with the Glasgow Lads craze, I suggest you start picking up this one and the rest of the series!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
Hiya, I’m Avery Cockburn (rhymes with Savory Slow Churn). In a previous incarnation I wrote over a dozen novels for major publishers. Some of these books even won awards, which was pure awesome. But last year I decided to “go indie” so I could write exactly what I wanted, how I wanted, and publish as fast as readers wanted. Now my days are filled with beautiful men who play the Beautiful Game in the most beautiful place in the world—and who happen to love other beautiful men. It’s pretty much the best job ever.

I currently live in the United States with one infinitely patient man and two infinitely impatient cats. Readers make my day, so email me at, or sign up for my mailing list at to get loads of exclusive Glasgow Lads bonus material. Cheers!

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