Book Review: Spencer Cohen Book Two (The Spencer Cohen Series #2) – N.R. Walker

Spencer Cohen 2Published March 17, 2016
Format: Novel
Genre And Theme: Romance / Contemporary
Length: 168 pages, ebook
Publisher: BlueHeart Press
Ebook ASIN: B01CX3TP6G
Cover Artist: Sara York
Characters: Spencer Cohen, Andrew Landon

Warning: This review contain some spoilers.

If you’ve not read the first Spencer Cohen book, I suggest you go directly online [ HERE ] and pick it up because this second book isn’t stand-alone and it picks up where it ended from the first book where Spencer finally accepted the strong feelings he’s developed with Andrew and they are now trying to work out their “new relationship” as a couple in this second installment.

You just gotta love them boys here! This one’s real sweet and very easy to read. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to Spencer about opening up to people especially when you’ve been burned before by someone you loved. I loved that both Spencer and Andrew  are really getting to know each other here and they ‘communicate’ like every couples should always do.

Although throughout the story, my mind’s keep wondering about Spencer’s biological family. I think that angle needs to happen in book 3 ^_^ I am thinking that maybe one of his brother will turn out to be gay as well? Or the father dying for real or something? Yes – I can be vindictive like that! LOL I cannot believe they would act like that towards Spencer – I mean, it’s totally nothing new from the stories I’ve read from other books about teens getting kicked-out when they come out to their family and sadly, in real life as well but there was no mention of religious shit and all or Spencer’s family being too conservative whatevs – I dunno, it was just odd and I am freaking mad at how his father could be that evil that he’d call the parent of Spencer’s friends (where he was temporarily staying) to warn them rendering Spencer real homeless before his aunt took over. OMFG I am so mad for Spencer!!!!! I really hope that the third book will tackle Spencer’s family.

I also felt a bit pensive when Spencer mentioned that he doesn’t have to do what he’s doing for a living because he’s got money and he just want to help people. He wanted to help out people, be a relationship fixer and all but I still don’t get why in that particular ‘business’ – it’s a rather odd profession right? Like a less ridiculous version of Millionaire’s Matchmaker or something… (and No, for those who continued reading this despite the spoiler alert – Spencer isn’t a matchmaker! Haha!)

I’ve a feeling tho that the third book will still have a client involved in the story which is not a bad idea at all but I am really hoping that the focus will be more about Spencer’s background. I want some resolution in that area but I know that whatever the author think is best for the story – it will still come out wonderful!

I cannot wait to read the next (final?) installment!!! This is becoming one of my favorite series’ from NR Walker along with Thomas Elkins and Red Dirt Heart!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

About The Author
N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance.
She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who live in her head, who don’t let her sleep at night unless she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things…but likes it even more when they fall in love.

She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since…


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