Book Review: Until September – Chris Scully [ARC]

Until SeptemberRELEASE DATE: Feb 8, 2016
Format: Novel
Genre: Romance/Family/Contemporary
Length: 298 pages, ebook
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Cover Artist: Lou Harper
Ebook ISBN: 1626493553
Print ISBN: 9781626493568
Characters: Archer Noble, Ryan Eriksson

Archie Noblesse did everything to escape his brutal past and leave his family and his Cree heritage behind enabling him to reinvent himself as Archer Noble, a successful blogger and author who lives only for himself.

His world went upside down when he gets a phone call that brings all his plans for his future crashing down. A car accident takes his only sister leaving behind two children who are parentless after they lost their father a few years prior.

Enter Ryan Eriksson, the teacher whose love for his sister and the kids is undeniable and someone who disagree in everything Archer stands for. Despite this, Archer easily agreed on having Ryan help him with the kids, even offering him the custody eventually.

Ryan on the other hand is adamant for Archer to give parenting a chance despite his chance of having a family of his own, something that he’d always dreamed of. He convinced Archer to try being with them for the summer and stay until September, only things turned out unexpectedly for both of them.

This is the first book I have read by Chris Scully. I was interested in the first few chapters but it actually started picking up for me at the latter part of the story. I find it a bit slow in pacing but the writing was very lovely.

I loved the easy chemistry between Archer and Ryan here; they are so opposite (physically and personality-wise) so they really tend to butt head but there’s something very likable about them. Perhaps, it’s how they both have deep longing for something permanent? In Ryan’s case, it is of course a common knowledge but with Archer, he’s unconsciously yearning for it that it’s almost heartbreaking.

Readers, please employ your patience towards Archer in the first few pages at least. The guy is trying and don’t look out for a lot of steamy scenes between Ryan and Archer. There’s just a couple of it which I figured isn’t really necessary in the story but yeah – beware – Archer is described here as a “manwhore” and ya’know what, it’s very easy to judge him at first (I did) and I admit I was wrong to do so.

Ryan is well, he’s almost perfect, and I loved his easy countenance with every situation and just life in general. He’s not boring but he’s what Archer exactly needed.

This family of four and their story is such a joy to read. I’m sure glad that my first book from this author was this wonderful story! I would definitely look out for more of her books within the year!

Highly recommended, this one is.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About The Author
Chris Scully is a die-hard romantic, a lover of good books, hot men and eighties music. She discovered M/M romance far too many years ago and immediately became an avid reader. Now, trapped in a minuscule cubicle for eight hours a day, this IT professional loves to indulge in the [not so] occasional daydream—and finally gets the chance to commit some of them to paper.

Chris would love to hear from readers at:

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ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

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