10 Things I Miss Most About My Dad on His 71st Birthday!

  1. When I was a young boy, I always sleep next to my Tatay and my youngest brother next to my Nanay.
  2. He used to sing what I used to call “Pangmatandang song” (oldie’s song) but later in life, I came to appreciate these songs most especially now that he’s gone singing this song with my Nanay (wherever they are).
  3. Whenever he go out-of-town or just coming back from work, he always got some souvenirs or treats for his kids.
  4. Every time I’d go back to Manila (for college), he’d secretly hand me money (aside from my allowance) ❤ It’s as if my Mom doesn’t know about it. LOL
  5. When I am dancing in our living room, he’ll dance with me and we’ll do this weird super-awkward “pangmatandang” dance!
  6. Our cinema visits in Baliwag way back when I was about 8 or 9! It was the most awesome thing ever!
  7. I’ll walk with him sometimes when he’s got to go to work.
  8. Every time he walks out from the living room or start pacing when the Ginebra team are losing their game.
  9. When he dances with my Nanay.
  10. I just missed him so bad – his love and just being there for me and for the rest of our family.

with popsHappy Birthday Tatay! I love you.

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