Book Review: Getting Him Back – K.A. Mitchell [ARC]

GEtting HIm BackRELEASE DATE: Feb 15, 2016
Format: Novel
Genre: New Adult / Romance / Contermporary
Length: 133 pages, ebook
Publisher: Carina  Press
Ebook ASIN: B018QI6TPM
Characters: Ethan Monro, Wyatt Reese

Charming, quirky, and unpretentious – I didn’t think that I would be describing this book as such when I first read its blurb. I feel like I’ve already read a thousand books like it but you know what – once I started reading it, I just couldn’t seem to stop because it was that good.

The book begins with tall and gangly Ethan Monroe following his high school sweetheart Blake to college only to get dumped on his first day there.

Enter the mysterious Wyatt Reese. Blake’s roommate and possibly his straight roommate. Ethan’s intention upon approaching Wyatt was to get information on how to win Blake back.  As he got to know the guy and their friendship deepens, Ethan thought it’s time to move forward from his ex and ventured into a new goal of making Wyatt believe that what they have is worth taking a chance.

I loved that even if the book is told entirely from Ethan’s POV, the author was still able to explore each (other) character and their personalities. I loved the attention the author gave to Waardenburg syndrome. I find it refreshing when the main character/s isn’t all supermodel in appearance where it almost always seemed like the prevailing pattern into describing physical perfection for book characters. Ethan here is not physically godlike here. Wyatt isn’t Christian Grey material either but both guys are realistically regular guys you can easily relate to. So that’s me basically saying that I both loved Ethan and Wyatt and thought they’re perfectly matched because of their opposite personality. Opposites attract yeah?

I also liked Ethan’s friends. Connor and Makayla are fabulous secondary characters! Both should be back for more because what is college life without your regular booze-buddy and your humans vs zombies playmates?

Overall, it was a perfect read for me. I won’t change anything in it because I’m perfectly content with the characters, their personality and the storyline and to where it is going in the future. This one I highly recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Expected publication: February 15th 2016 by Carina Press

About The Author
At a very early age, K.A. Mitchell decided that Ken and G.I. Joe made a much cuter couple than Ken and Barbie and was perplexed when invitations to play Barbie fell off sharply. Today she still loves hanging out with imaginary friends and making up stories. Even better, people pay her to read about them. Now the author of over twenty gay romances, she guarantees happy endings for even the surliest of heroes, despite all their baggage.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

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