Book Review: The Dead (Thaumaturge #1) – Cal Matthews

The DeadMy good friend Riina recommended this one and I’ve to say that for the most part I truly did enjoy it! Actually, there is only one thing that totally ticked me off about this book that I will discuss through this review.

First you have to meet the main character/s – Ebron, the one who raises the dead and Leo – his vampire-friend-sometimes-lover. They are the main couple here but all the things that transpired in this story centers on Ebron. The main premise involving witches visiting his town brought about some odd and mysterious happenings.

I loved Ebron’s characterization. He’s just a super-chill guy despite his odd occupation as an herbalist and an occasional necromancer. There’s this vibe about him that is absolutely adorable and likable and you’d just feel bad about him at times. Then there’s Leo – I don’t know what his deal with but I love him just the same. They’re great with each other and they are fun together. I just wished that Leo could be more open with Ebron.

Now that thing that’s been bothering me whenever I think about this story – I guess, it’s just a problem for me or depending how you accept things with your books / characters but see,  I highly despise cheating. Seriously, there was no cheating here if you want to be technical about it because according to Leo, Ebron could sleep with anyone. What happened with Ebron and Marcus just totally upsetting for me. I don’t know, I thought that even if Leo keep on saying that Ebron could sleep around, it was in the way Leo acted around Ebron that they’re actually a couple (an exclusive whenever Leo’s in town) without them both realizing it. I feel that, that moment tainted my impression on the story. Again, that’s just me. Technically, there was no cheating/ infidelity – since they have some sort of an “open relationship” but it’s still irksome if I’m being honest. I’m seriously hoping that I won’t be seeing Marcus in the next book. Please, Cal – do not torture me…^_^

Going back with the main antagonists – the witches. It was a tad bit predictable at the end of that fiasco but it was still enjoyable.  This is Cal Matthew’s first novel and I’m duly impressed by his writing style. The transition with each chapter was great, the characters well-captured and the story as a whole was very consistent from start to finish. Minus the Marcus incident, I’d definitely give this two thumbs up! I’m very much eager for the second book now. Congratulations Cal!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published August 5th 2015


About The Author
Cal Matthews is a writer of paranormal fiction. A Montana native, all of Cal’s stories are set in the Big Sky State and are often inspired by the kooky residents in her small mountain town. Ask her about the time she went on a memorial camping trip–with the recently deceased in attendance. Aside from writing, Cal enjoys long trail rides on horseback, hiking with friends and family, and lifting weights. A collector of college degrees, Cal does one day plan on having a successful career, but in the meantime she continues to add to her student loans and writes books between odd jobs. Cal is the author of the ongoing Thaumaturge Series and the recently released “Lupine Road”.

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