Book Review: Chariots On The Highway – Limor Moyal

Chariots On The Highway

Chariots on the Highway: A story about Israel, about the military lone soldiers, about Love and war, and about the journey called life (Gay for you Romance)
Kindle Edition, 315 pages
Published April 13th 2015 by Amazon Digital Services (first published April 11th 2015)

Every year, young men come from all over the world to join the IDF and fight for Israel. They leave everything behind and becoming what known as lone soldiers.

If I were to award my best debut book this year, Chariots on the Highway is definitely part of my top three on my list of nominees. Initially, I dismissed this as a gay-for-you romance upon reading its blurb but lo and behold, I was totally blown away by its sheer genius – realistic lines, vibrant and relatable characters and the whole setting was utter perfection! I could not believe at first that I did not pick this up because of my preconceived ideas about it. Boy was I wrong!

From the very first time, Dan Green was introduced while settling his divorce and eventually “adopting” a lone soldier by the name of Tom Freeman, I was already hooked. There was instant chemistry between them and it went stronger as their relationship went deeper. At least until Dan recognized what he’s been missing and trying to find that thing.  Of course, this “soul-searching” thing will not be possible without the help of other side characters on Dan’s side most especially Mike (his shrink) and Flora (his stepmom).

I loved that there was Kfir’s character (whom Tom dated) that made it easier for Dan to realize that he’s actually falling in love with Tom. It wasn’t an easy change for Dan but he accepted it. I’m not sure how open the Israeli society with the subject of homosexuality but from what I reckon reading this book, they are pretty liberal about it.

I loved that the sex scenes were written very much tenderly and how Tom guided Dan through their blossoming relationship.  I loved the delicacy of their love-making. It was worth the wait once they realized that they would be good for each other.

There was parallelism between the title and Dan’s regular travels along the Ayalon highway and how in life, he needs someone like a passenger to be there with him. I thought that was a nice analogy and how it clearly reflected Dan’s journey to finding his purpose – and finding his true love.

Also, it is very important to note that the author did not focus solely on the romance aspect between Dan and Tom. It was very educational as well for those who are not familiar with a lone soldier in the Israel Defense Forces like myself. The sacrifice, the courage and their love for their country is simply astounding!

There was also religion as an issue involving Tom’s family. I just hate fanaticism. It’s unhealthy and sure as hell ugly.

Overall, the story’s as magical as the setting. I don’t know why the setting just gave a vibe of tranquility and chaos – mixed together. It was just so beautiful! Thank you Limor Moyal for this eye-opening and beautifully rendered story! Keep writing! Bravo!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published April 13th 2015 by Amazon Digital Services (first published April 11th 2015)

About The Author

My name is Limor Moyal, I was born in Israel on the night of October 4th 1973, straight into the battle clouds of the Yom Kippur War. I was born curious, alert and passionate about everything that the world around me has to offer. Curiosity and desire, these two traits lead me to any choice and decision I made in life. I explore anything that catches my interest and attention, I’m a true believer in ‘CARPE DIEM’, and act on my dreams, never postponing them. As I see it, life is short and sweet and I you should never do things tomorrow if they can be done today. I consider myself an artist. I love art and I love words, combining the two together is my way to express myself, which reflects my artistic personality as well as my romantic yet realistic soul. When I’m writing it feels like sculpting with words, just like real art, only the materials I’m using are adjectives, metaphors, and descriptive images. Even before I started writing I was, and still am, a devout reader. I read a lot, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that I read three books a week. I read mostly English, since I’m a big believer in reading the original language, (even though my native tounge is Hebrew). I read novels of all genres, mostly contemporary but I do read historic novels from time to time (Mystery, Paranormal, Military, MM) and of course I also read classics (Bronte, Austen, Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf) as well as known contemporary writers like Haruki Murikmi and Paul Oster. The classics were those who shaped me as a person and a reader. When I begin a relationship with a book, the connection starts without any preconditions from me, except for the basic requirement that the book would not insult my intelligence, but I can easily manage with everything else (dirty talk, taboo content, out of comfort zone content, or dark materials are welcomed). Between me and a book there is a very symbiotic connection, I give him my time, my heart and the utmost respect and openness, and in exchange I expect the book to teach me, excite me, maybe even change me, shake me and leave me with something that was not there before. A book that manages to do so will receive a special spot in my heart and perhaps a review here on the site or on Goodreads, in order to share the experience with you. Then one day I felt ready, that I’m all grown up (I always said I wanted to be a writer when I grew up) and when the time came, I wrote my first book “Chariots on the Highway” (The original name in Hebrew is “Chariots on the Ayalon”)

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