Book Review: Cronin’s Key (Cronin’s Key #1) – N.R. Walker

Cronin's Key 1This is the first major foray of N.R. Walker into the world of supernatural and it’s all about the undead! Yay! I’m a sucker for vampire stories and it’s from N.R. Walker so I’m doubly excited when I first heard about it and couldn’t be more eager to get my hands on it. Alec is a New York police detective who got himself tangled into the world of the undead after a weird encounter while on patrol. From there, he met Cronin – an elderly vampire who happened to be his “fated” one – uhm, soulmate. Things started happening faster than Alec could even comprehend and finds himself leading the fight against mummy vampires who are out to get the key to some mysterious shit – and that key happens to be him.

I maybe expecting a lot from this novel because as I’ve said – Vampires and N.R. Walker. Like, ugh. I loved 90% of the book but my main criticism was about Alec. You see, Alec loves to talk. Like not just talk, but talk non-stop and at some point in the book – I was like – shut up already! There’s something annoying about his overall characterization that it grates on my nerves but there are times that I also find him extremely funny and adorable. It’s a good thing that Cronin’s stoic demeanor was rather charming which is clearly the opposite of Alec.

But hey, that’s just me fretting over some minor details. The story almost feels like watching some sort of National Treasure only with Vampires. I also loved the secondary characters with the covens and all and their powers almost feel like Twilight­-ish. What? B!tch please don’t give me that look. I fucking loved Twilight.

In short, I loved it because it’s well written, exciting and it has a lot of good looking ^_^, quirky and funny creatures with superpowers!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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