Book Review: Loving Jay – Renae Kaye

Loving JayLiam Turner knows that he’s not gay. His father will not allow any of his sons to be gay. He’d slept / [experimented] with two other guys in the past but again, he’s not gay! Ookay.

Upon meeting the very flamboyant, effeminate and motor mouth James “Jay” Bell, his life turned upside-down and he knows that he’s screwed from the very start.

It’s actually a fun story. I loved how Jay and Liam are very opposite. I haven’t read a lot of books in this genre with effeminate characters – not more than ten atleast but Jay would have to be the most memorable one. Sometimes, I just find his blabbering way over the top although sometimes it’s funny but it could get annoying.

I loved how being around Jay, Liam was able to come out of his shell. I also loved the fact that being with Jay doesn’t make him feel ashamed. Yes, he’s firmly hidden inside the closet but he’s also brave in some ways.

His accidental coming out was a great scene and I loved how supportive his siblings were. It’s funny how all the while, he’s been trying to hide from his family especially from his father when his siblings are already suspecting something and they don’t give a shit one bit. I’m glad that his Dad didn’t make much of a scene about it but obviously, it’d take time for him to really come around.

The conclusion of the series was okay although I wished that there’s more concrete evidence about the development of their relationship moving forward. I guess, we’ll see a glimpse of them since I learned that the author is planning a spin-off for one of the characters in this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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