Book Review: The Shearing Gun – Renae Kaye

The Shearing GunI totally adore this couple. The story was refreshing and I loved the chemistry between Hank and Elliot from the moment their mutual attraction ensues.

Hank is a shearing gun – an ace shearer able to shear large numbers of sheep in a single day. He was kicked out from home when his sexuality was revealed and since then, he firmly stayed in the closet for fear of not getting hired as a gay shearer.

Elliot is the new doctor in town. When he was attending Hank for a football injury, a friendship started to blossom between them that turns into a romance. Discreet with their affair, neither expected it to last since Hank’s not ready to come out and Elliot’s contract is up after a year.

I just LOVED it. As in I enjoyed reading every single detail about it! I loved Hank’s cocky demeanor whenever he’s with Elliot alone. I loved the fact that he can defend himself and is not afraid of anything except from coming out.

Elliot on the other hand was an equally refreshing character. He’s awfully thoughtful and doesn’t take bullshit from just about anyone. I sure wished though that we’ve seen something from his family’s side. It would’ve been great to see some sort of date with Hank meeting his Mom! LOL that would have been epic!

The part when they were finally accepted by “most” people in their town was beautiful! It would’ve been way better if it was a bit longer but as a whole – the book has great characters, great setting and wonderfully written story development. Just wonderful!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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