Miss Universe 2014: The Preliminary Competition!

The all-important preliminary competition which will include the swimwear and evening gown segment will transpire on January 21 (22nd in Manila) and whittle down the 88 delegates to  top 15 finalists to battle it out come finals night of the Miss Universe pageant on January 25 Sunday in Doral, Miami. Today will be the one-on-one interview which is the other 50% of the preliminary grades and at this stage, predictions are floating around the net as to who will be making the cut.

Let’s me just share a wee bit of my list here which I grouped into 3 with five delegate each

The Frontrunners

The Frontrunners

[L-R] Philippines, Colombia, Serbia, USA, Venezuela

The Dark Horses

The Dark Horses

[L-R] Australia, Indonesia, Jamaica, India, Guyana

Bubbling Under

Bubbling Under

[L-R] Mexico, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Poland

Do we have the same Top 15 “pre” Preliminary Competition?

The Preliminary competition will be streamed LIVE on MissUniverse.com at 7pm ET, the Preliminary Competition features all 88 contestants in swimwear and evening gown.

Your Thoughts?

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