Book Review: The Family We’re Born With – Kaje Harper

The Family We Are Born WithI really enjoyed the flow of this holiday story. It’s about family – being together, its minor and major conflicts, understanding each other and accepting each other regardless of who they love.

Jesse and Devin are at the center stage of the story – They have been spending the holidays at Jesse’s family since introducing Devin to his family and effectively coming out almost five years ago. This time though, Jesse’s mom didn’t want to have Devin for Christmas Eve for fear that this would make the meeting between his long lost half-brothers and his family uncomfortable about Jesse’s sexuality [/ relationship] which made Jesse rethinks his family’s stand about their relationship. Have they truly accepted him and his relationship with Devin after all these years?

I guess what I really loved about this story was the smoothness of Jesse and Devin’s relationship. There’s a beautiful romance in there. There was no heavy, angsty stuff going around. It was clearly a reasonable misunderstanding and natural reactions from a mother who haven’t seen her child since birth and for a son who feels the needs to hide in order to maintain peace.

I also loved the conclusion on how Jesse patched it up with his mother and it made me excited to read more about the secondary characters in the coming books.

Do read this you guys, it’s a good one and FREE!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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