Book Review: Kitto (Tyack & Frayne #4) – Harper Fox

Kitto[Book 4 of Tyack & Frayne Series]

Kitto is an interesting twist to Gideon and Lee’s story. This feels like the last installment of the series as the couple decided to get married but not without a fuss. Lee can somehow predict the future and it’s making him crazy adding it to the stress of planning a wedding which he couldn’t see using his “new power”.  This made Gideon decide to whisk Lee away for a little vacay in a creek-side cabin in the mysterious Cornish country. Here, a young handsome man named Kitto appeared that ends up disrupting their retreat. Gideon doesn’t think of the kid much but a nuisance. Lee however was horrified that Gideon could actually see and talk to a ghost!

As the village gears up for their midsummer Golowan festival, Lee and Gideon must also reconcile the difference between the real and spirits world in order to come out of this together.

It makes me sad that this one seemed to be the last installment of the series because I really do love this couple. I loved the whole feel of the series and I feel like I was part of the Dark Village and this Cornish country. The whole fiasco about Lee getting some vision about the future was a great twist into his clairvoyance. Here, their love for each other was somehow challenged and I’m happy that they remained strong for each other despite their little issues on the side.

The writing as usual was superb and I’d definitely miss this duo and I’m still hoping that this won’t be the last one in the series. Nevertheless, thank you Harper Fox for this wonderful series!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published June 20th 2014 by Smashwords Edition

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