Book Review: Tigerland (Tigers and Devils, #2) – Sean Kennedy

Tigerland[Book 2 of Tigers and  Devils]

Over three years after coming out of the closet, football god Declan Tyler is now working as a commentator after injuring himself when he left the Devils and went back to play in Melbourne and be with Simon. Simon now works as a producer in a community TV program and they are now comfortably living together. Things are going smoothly for them until Declan’s ex-beau who’s also a football player decided to come out in the closet just before retirement and drag him and Simon into the spectacle.

This was a great follow-up to Simon and Dec’s story. The story was a trying time for the couple and it shows the domestic part of their relationship. I loved that about this couple. It was still surreal in a good way and it’s beautiful to watch them grown into the relationship.

At some point in the book, I’d really like to hit Grey Heyward [Declan’s ex] – Gosh, he’s just a relentless sod. I can’t believe he could be that low. I didn’t even like that it all came out easy for him until the end. I was hoping that he’ll self-destruct until the end but alas – the author went the “right” way. He should’ve given us a little fantasy and have that prick run over by a pick-up truck or a train or something.

So like what I’ve said – the couple had this massive thorn thrown into their relationship but they stayed resilient through it all. It was true love people! The development of the story was still great – Sean Kennedy was able to maintain the charm of all the characters except for the evil ones, of course.

I sure hoped that this isn’t the last installment for our couple. I would’ve liked to see Dec being the green-eyed monster in this book but I guess it was too much to ask with Heyward getting all the press here. I’d really like Simon’s ex’s to haunt Dec in the coming installment – let’s just hope there’ll be one. As expected, Sean Kennedy delivered a superb sequel which I am so thankful because I came to really love Simon and Declan – that easily! People, go buy your copy of this series now!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published October 15th 2012 by Dreamspinner Press (first published October 14th 2012)

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About The Author
Sean Kennedy was born in Melbourne, Australia, but currently lives in the second most isolated city in the world (although there still seems to be conjecture over whether it is actually number one). Living in such deprived circumstances can only affect his writing, which is published by Dreamspinner Press.

You can find him at

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