Book Review: Taxes and TARDIS – N.R. Walker

Taxes And TARDISAnother beautiful, sexy and adorable story from N.R. Walker!

Seriously, N.R. Walker knows how to tug them hearts from readers.

Logan is an accountant. Geek. Lanky. Pale. Adorable

Brent is an electrician. Former Jock. Broad. Tanned. Sexy

Brent needs someone to fix his taxes. Upon meeting the geek accountant, like a big bad bazooka – Brent was struck speechless unable to form any coherent words in front of Logan. And who would’ve thought that they’ll hit it off big time? Will their differences cause some problems in their budding romance?

Again, I’m just totally in awe with N.R. Walker’s writing style. She make it seemed so easy to write beautiful stories with her beautiful characters with unique individualities. Here, both MCs are just disgustingly adorable!!! I just loved them! The easy-breezy chemistry between them was just electrifying! I loved that there was enough backstory for both Brent and Logan without those backstory dragging the development of their relationship. It was just smooth despite the angst. Sometimes, it’s nice to read stories that don’t require too much thinking. Like, you just have to read it as it is and enjoy it! Taxes and TARDIS is definitely a total must-read!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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