Book Review: A Fighting Man (Men Of Manhattan Book 3) – Sandrine Gasq-Dion

A Fighting Man[Book 3 of Men Of Manhattan Series]

This third book in the series is definitely my favorite so far. The story centers on Army Ranger Slater Cassidy (Yup, Spencer’s younger brother) and his mission to win the heart of the gorgeous Casper Kennedy. They first met when Slater took a leave from the service and since then, it became apparent that he won’t stop until Casper gives him the time of day. Casper’s refusal to go out with him truly puzzled the army ranger and he’s willing to do everything to break Casper’s barriers. What he found out though was something closer to him than he expected and there may just be a way to change Casper’s mind and heart.

I just totally loved this story. I thought Slater’s a total walking wet dream and he’s a character rom-com chic flicks are made of! Casper on the other hand was a total darling! Although I feel that his character was a bit underdeveloped, I loved the fact that he just seems like a regular guy. I enjoyed their easy chemistry and could totally feel for Casper. The story was way more realistic than the rest of the series so far and I loved that the author tackled this very subject.

The secondary characters here are also fun to read and the introduction of new characters was just very exciting! I cannot wait to read more about them.  This was a very good bump for the series – a beautifully told story about second chances in love.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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