Book Review: A Marrying Man (Men Of Manhattan Book 2) – Sandrine Gasq-Dion

A Marrying Man[Book 2 Of Men Of Manhattan Series]

Now it’s Blaine McKlintock’s turn to get his own love story out there. Still trying to make up from the disastrous bet he had with his best friend Kent Samson who almost lost Terry Barron in the process, he now found himself in the midst of planning their wedding. That is with the help of Terry’s boss and friend – Spencer Cassidy whom he’d a crush on since the latter’s Wall Street days. Blaine changed a lot since the bet and so as Spencer through the years. Will there be a chance for them in this game?

I totally loved Blaine’s character. I thought he’s very charming here and obviously a changed man this time. A change which I didn’t quite get at first because it was a total 180 degrees, like’s he’s somehow lost that bravado, that fun attitude. He did change but it was too much in my opinion. I feel like Spencer was almost dominating him. I do not share the opinion of him and Spencer having that great chemistry if I’m being honest. I just don’t see it. As much as I adored Blaine’s character, I didn’t like this couple that much. I actually enjoyed more of Slater Cassidy (Spencer’s brother) and Casper Kennedy (Blaine’s secretary). I am very much looking forward to reading the third book in the series because right off this book, I could already tell how much fun Slater is. Going back to the main couple, I’m not really a fan but hey – maybe, I’ll learn to appreciate them in the coming books.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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