Book Review: Impractical Magic (Newton’s Laws of Attraction #2) – M.J. O’Shea

Impractical Magic[Book 2 of Newton’s Laws of Attraction Series]

I liked Fen’s story better than Ben and Rory. It’s not that I didn’t like Ben and Rory as a couple but for some reason; I get to appreciate them more here.

Physics teacher Fenton Keene is the supposed straight BFF of Ben who’s lost and lonely without his trouble twin Ben. Then over the summer, he met young, sexy and out firefighter Kevin. Initially just an invite for a dinner at his flat turned into a one sexy summer romance leading Fen to come out to his friends and his family.

I noticed the difference between the narratives of this one compared to Newton’s Law of Attraction. It’s somehow more convincing and alive. I feel that through Fenton’s story – we got more of Ben and Rory which I loved because I thought the first novel’s ending was a bit abrupt.

I like Fenton’s character although I find his characterization a bit contrived at times. There are times that I find his bond towards Ben sounds like more of adoration which I find kind of weird, like without Rory in the picture – he’ll totally grab Ben for himself. He’s also a bit clingy at times. But hey, I liked that he’s actually open with his friends though and doesn’t have that much of a baggage.

Kevin on the other hand was another story. For some reason, I tend to get really turned-off with one of the MCs getting it on with others except for his supposed love interest. Although they’re technically not together, him sleeping with two other guys (even if he stated his reason –which I thought isn’t valid at all) was just a no-no for me and knowing that it didn’t take him that long to do it! I thought that’s where his age come into play. One unanswered issue about Kevin is why he’s so different with his San Diego friends and his Chico’s friends. There’s more to it that we didn’t get so much especially when he was telling Fen that he was the one who had to take care of his little sister Janet because his parents were always busy working. I actually didn’t buy that one bit. There’s just a lot about Kevin that was a bit off or the much better term is under developed. It’s like we didn’t get much from Kevin aside from his sister and his job as a firefighter. He’s likeable alright but there’s should’ve been more about him.

I also liked Jeremy’s character, though a straight guy – I loved how he’s very much comfortable with his gay friends. I almost wished that he’s actually single because I’d love for him to turn gay and have his own story. Now, I wonder what would be in store for us the next time. This was definitely a big pick-up from the first book which was rather lazy. This one’s juicy and the story’s well developed albeit some flaws with some of the characters.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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