Miss World 2014 Journey: Valerie Weigmann on Beauty With A Purpose

Valerie During The Miss World Charity Gala NightGreat news to all Pinoy pageant fans because Valerie made the top 10 at the Beauty With A Purpose segment of the Miss World 2014 where each contestant presents their BWAP project and the organization chooses the 10 most impressive projects amongst the delegates. BWAP is one of the highest determining factors of making the cut. The winner will be announce during the finals on December 14.

Here’s Valerie’s impromptu speech when the Top 10 were announced

Along with Miss Philippine Valerie Weigmann, delegates from the following country also made the cut: Kenya, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Bolivia, South Africa, Netherlands and England.

Here’s Valerie’s Beauty With A Purpose project for Miss World 2014

Since the Beauty with a Purpose ethos was incorporated into Miss World, millions of pounds have been raised and countless hours of hard work have been carried out across the globe. As well as the official Beauty With A Purpose Charity, many other outlets of these selfless activities have been utilized through the years. [source]

for more information about the Beauty With A Purpose Foundation, please visit www.beautywithapurpose.com

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