Book Review: Fighting Dirty – Olley White

21955382I haven’t read anything written by Olley White until I saw this on MM Romance Group’s Love’s Landscapes event and I’m sure glad that I downloaded it [for free! yay!]

With less than twenty-five page to tell this story, the author was able to deliver vibrancy with her characters. Ethan Reed is fighting for a chance to better his life – by winning a “fighting” tournament to become part of the King’s Army. For his final opponent, he was fitted against Charlie Fitzwilliam who came from a ruling class and whom he’d been pining since he was a young boy. With him winning said tournament, he wondered if there’ll be a chance for them now that they’re almost equal.

Coverwise – the book is probably one of the best I’ve seen this year. I love an enticing cover paired with an equally stunning story! I really wished though that this was a full on novel. I could very well imagine some really good plot lines for this couple. With a longer version, the author would be able to tell more about the two – although given the length of her story, I thought she did extremely well in providing some backstory for both Ethan and Charlie. This short story without question is a gem and people should go ahead and download it right now! Hello people! It’s free!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Download the story HERE

Your Thoughts?

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