Book Review: See You Smile – Dawn Sister

Fan Art by Arch BalaThis is probably my favorite out of a hundred stories featured in Love’s Landscapes sponsored by the Goodreads MM Romance Group. It’s a May – December love story between a fifty year old bestselling author living in a small community and his 21 year-old deaf neighbor who apparently lives on his own. It was cute how Jake started “stalking” the young Cal – it was cute and funny. I loved how the story developed from the time Jake tried to introduce him and second-guessing how his attraction to his young neighbor wasn’t a good idea at all. The only critique I have about it, though not necessarily a bad critique is that it was all too perfect and ideal. I thought Cal’s inner struggle to fit in and being independent was a very nice addition to the “major conflict” and I just loved the sexual tension between him and Jake. I’ve totally no problem with this kind of theme [May-December relationship], I just had this random thought about their age difference physically after 10 or 15 years. It was just a thought, though, really. So there people, do download the free copy now cuz’ you won’t wanna miss this!

Download the story HERE.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

2 responses to “Book Review: See You Smile – Dawn Sister

  1. Wow. That cover is amazing and so is the review, thank you. Sorry it took me so long to find this review. I have been busy. I just had to comment because I love the picture.

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