Book Review: Hooch & Cake – Heidi Cullinan

20811584I initially didn’t like Randy back in the first book but I fell for his character when he fell for Ethan. In this novella that happened between the first two books, I’m just utterly floored! I’m not really into Mitch’s voyeurism in the first book and even the foursome in Double Blind but this one totally turned me on! I’ve to admit though that having Randy on their wedding night was a big shit no thanks for me so that is one minus star from me. The story’s totally on fire and I’m really,really happy for Mitch and Sam. It’s also nice that Sam’s aunt was able to explain herself. And man’ I can’t even begin to described my feelings towards that hot-dirty-kinky foursome with Keith. (It was wicked but uncomfortable at the same time) That was just the hottest shit ever! Fans of the series would really get a kick out of this! It’s simply scorching!!!


Synopsis: Mitch Tedsoe isn’t expert on many things, but he’s pretty sure getting married shouldn’t be this hard. A justice of the peace, some hooch, some cake—all Mitch wants is to walk down the aisle with Sam Keller, have a party, and live happily ever after. But every day of wedding planning brings a new set of handicaps, legal, logistical, and emotional…until he brings in his best friend, Randy Jansen. Randy loves being the third point in Sam and Mitch’s kinky triangle, and nothing would give him more pleasure than to thumb his nose at small town snobbery and give Iowa the most fantastic gay wedding it’s ever seen. But as his plan comes together and his friends prepare to sail off into the sunset, Randy Jansen begins to consider the unthinkable: that maybe, just maybe, he wishes he could have a little hooch and cake of his own.via Goodreads

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

To fully appreciate this, try reading Special Delivery [Book 1]first. Oh, and download this free novella HERE!

Your Thoughts?

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