Book Review: Cross & Crown (Sidewinder #2) – Abigail Roux

via goodreads

via goodreads

I’m first to admit that I’m not Nick O’Flaherty’s biggest fan because I find his character a bit overbearing especially after his overexposure in Ball & Chain (Cut & Run #8). In Shock & Awe, Nick was okay but it was the irresistible and uber-adorable Kelly Abbott that made my heart melt like Hershey’s. The first Sidewinder book didn’t impressed me much but it was enough to tease me more in anticipation to its second installment that is Cross & Crown.

Now having read the whole thing, I was somehow at a loss. I don’t know whether I should hate the book or not. In Cross & Crown, Nick O’Flaherty was assigned to solve a homicide that involves a witness with amnesia and his boyfriend / former recon teammate Kelly Aboot acting as his consultant in the case. Then there’s ex-CIA hitman Julian Cross (Warrior’s Cross and Armed & Dangerous) all leading them to a web of treasure hunting, Irish mob and well, some unnecessary brouhaha.

The Irish mob connection  with Nick feels a bit forced and almost unlikely with Nick’s rep from the Cut & Run series. It’s just a bit off, good thing he’s actually Irish.

The movie National Treasure was mediocre at best and this books feels like the movie adapted into a book. I really feel bad saying this. I wished I’ve the same love for Nick and Kelly similar to Ty and Zane but of course Ty and Zane are like in a totally different league. (Oh can I just say that Nick’s totally overreacting on Ty, what a drama queen!) I know that this is Nick and Kelly’s adventure but right in this book, Nick was just beyond oversell.

Now, a bit of a good stuff here is we get a glimpse of Tyler and Zane! Yay! We also have Julian of course who is now married to Cameron! These characters actually made the book attractive because seriously, it’s overload with information – fictional or not.

I’d still recommend for people to read it especially my fellow Cut & Run series disciple. This is after all the Sidewinder team – the team of our very own “doll”

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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