Book Review: The Nothingness Of Ben – Brad Boney

11718466After reading “The Return” a month ago (whose review I’ve lost in a file – to follow,) it became one of my favorite rereads this year ever since. Brad Boney have written that magical book that made me appreciate the m/m genre even more. That book was released in 2013 and just a few days ago, I was e-book shopping and I was able to secure a copy of The Nothingness Of Ben which apparently precedes The Return, so you can consider it some sort of a companion book. The Nothingness Of Ben was released in 2012 and I’m just glad that I thought of Brad Boney while reading some reviews before deciding which titles to acquire.

Now I’m officially a big Brad Boney fan. Like seriously, this author knows how to really write some story. He’s simply incredible! His writing is genius! He’s very relevant, has a way of making his characters charming despite showing some pigheadedness (ahem! Excuse me thankyouverymuch) at some point. And fictional or not regarding every single thing about it, he sure made me want to visit Austin someday!!!

What a beautiful tale of finding love at the most unexpected places and getting that unconditional love. Ben, Travis, Quentin, Jayson and Caden are LOVE. If The Return took me back through memory lane and gave ,e that pleasant nostalgia, The Nothingness Of Ben made my heart warm and fuzzy. This is a book well-deserved of its good reviews and high ratings. Thank you Brad Boney!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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About The Author
Brad Boney lives in Austin, Texas, the 7th gayest city in America. He grew up in the Midwest and went to school at NYU. He lived in Washington, DC and Houston before settling in Austin. He blames his background in the theater for his writing style, which he calls “dialogue and stage directions.” His first book was named a Lambda Literary Award finalist. He believes the greatest romantic comedy of all time is ’50 First Dates’. His favorite gay film of the last ten years is ‘Strapped’. And he has never met a boy band he didn’t like.

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