Book Review: The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) – James Dashner

via goodreads

via goodreads

In this final book of The Maze Runner Trilogy, a lot of things have been revealed including the horrors of the Flare, the “Underworld /The Walking Dead” vibe is back and the fate of the characters we’ve come to love from the first book. Those who survived the scorch trials were given a choice to get their memory back (now that apparently all the tests have been completed) and discover the truth about themselves and the world as it is now. That includes Thomas who vehemently refused the offer. Eventually learning that he’s really got no choice in the matter, Thomas devices a plan to escape the WICKED facility and travel to the walled city where the virus was “rumored” to be contained. In the hopes of discovering the cure, Thomas and his remaining ally blended in the city which was eventually overrun by the infected ones. This led to a decision where Thomas has to sacrifice for a cure or sacrifice the lives of people he care about or the world entire that is.

With a conclusion as emotionally charged as this, I can’t help but cry after Thomas had to keep his promise with one of his ally. That was beyond heartbreaking and I think is one of the highlights of the book. The survivors of both mazes came full circle when they returned back to the maze (glade). That particular scene was so riveting that it’s almost depressing. I didn’t quite expect the ending to be like that but I find it pleasant and somehow almost too ideal. There was just too many loves loss and if they (WICKED) could actually create / isolate a safe haven to begin with, such casualties should’ve been avoided. I was thinking all throughout the ending, whatever happened to that bitch who keep sending those e-mails? Oh hell, this one’s a pretty good ending, is all I’m saying. One of the best series I’ve read in a while in this genre.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


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