Book Review: Dance With Me – Heidi Cullinan

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

I thouroughly enjoyed reading this novel. After reading my first book by the author called “Nowhere Ranch” I was convinced that this would be as good as said book.

Ed Maurer’s life would be fine if he could just get Laurie Parker off his back. He’s bounced back, more or less, from the neck injury that permanently benched his semi-pro football career, and he volunteers now at a local community center. It’s just that every time he turns around, that damn professional dancer is in his way, hating Ed right back. But when a bargain Ed strikes at the center lands him as an assistant in Laurie’s ballroom dancing class, their perceptions of each other turn upside down. Both Ed and Laurie have heartbreak in their pasts, but somehow dancing together eases their individual pain. For Ed, dancing with Laurie becomes a way to reconnect with his body after losing football. For Laurie, partnering with Ed has erased some of his fear of performing and brought back joy to a sport he wasn’t sure he could ever truly love again.

As Laurie and Ed lose themselves in dance, their lives continue to spin around them: Ed’s injury makes it clear he’s nowhere near recovery, Laurie feels the pressure by friends and family to perform once more, and the community center that has become such an important part of both their worlds threatens to close. Alone, they haven’t had the strength or spirit to face what life has hurled at them. But as the turns of their personal paths lead them into the arms of love, Ed and Laurie begin to think that if they dance this dance together, they might be able to succeed. via Goodreads

What I really loved about Heidi’s writing style is that she’s never boring. She’s got this ability to write a full chapter with mere narration and no dialogues at all and it’ll be interesting. And being a THE Britney Spears stan myself – this already earn some good points for me. I was so giddy whenever Ed go in the zone with Britney!!!! Too EPIC right? LOL

This is another book I didn’t mind losing some sleeping hours over because it’s really that good. That book has great pacing, great characters and amazing premise! Another “gold” from Miss Heidi Cullinan!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


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