Book Review: Always – Kindle Alexander

Always is a heartbreakingly beautiful story of one soul finding its mate. I’m not exactly sure about the number of times I’ve cried while reading this book. I can’t even discern which emotion was dominantly directed towards the two main characters in this book.

The stirring narrative of Avery Adams and Kane Dalton’s story was a true testament that, indeed, love knows no limit. It should be boundless and true love can stand the test of time – even the afterlife. Too sappy for you? Maybe so, but this is one book I’m putting atop that pedestal of my favorite books EVER.

It feels wonderful to have stumbled upon this fantastic read. Both men inspired me. Under an unconventional relationship (by world’s standard, unfortunately until today), they have led a beautiful life so normal and just awe-inspiring that I have to commend the author Kindle Alexander for writing such a story.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating to read a book involving gay characters dealing with third parties, with too much personal baggage and too many characters too high-strung to deal with their issues. With this, Kindle Alexander created something that is maybe a little too ideal but perhaps something that exists. Not necessarily under the same scenario as Avery and Kane, but that love is somehow a reality for some. The existence of that kind of love was real – and I’d like to believe it is real. 

Always reminds us all that true love conquers all.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
ebook, 280 pages
Published March 11th 2014 by Kindle Alexander LLC (first published March 8th 2014)

3 responses to “Book Review: Always – Kindle Alexander

  1. Thank you very much. I’m so glad I didnt miss this review. You came in as a google alert. I love what you wrote and I’m so glad you got the story. Thank you for your very kind words. YAY!

    • I THANK YOU for writing such a great story – actually all of the books I’ve read so far from you are absolutely inspiring… beautiful stories, beautiful writing and just amazing. Thank you 🙂

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