Binibining Pilipinas 2014: Review, Analysis and Random Thoughts

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Stage / Production: I thought the stage was quite elegant. I love that it did not overshadowed the contestants and the cylinder / tube props  looked really great live and on TV! A-


Hosts: Upon learning that Xian Lim will be back to host the event, I was initially disappointed because I thought he did poorly during his 2012 stint. This time though, I was pleasantly surprised because he’s not one bit annoying. He brought with him enough charm to woo the live audience and this year, it went smoothly for him. Good job Xian!


Anne Curtis was of course the darling of the crowd last night. She’s very charming and SO VERY, EXTEMELY BEAUTIFUL! She even belted  “Alone” off air while the judges were having their deliberation of the winners. The audience just totally loved her!


On Venus, Shamcey and Janine: Venus is definitely now a pro in hosting. She did extremely well and looked every inch of a beauty queen! It’s a wonder why until now she’s still in competition form! Just amazing! Shamcey on the other hand was beautiful as ever but she sounded too scripted and too hurried. When Janine first appeared, there was a unanimous opinion in our row that she looked unkempt – it must be the hair though. Her second number though was rather alluring and she made it all up from her disastrous first styling. Overall, the three girls did really well.


Opening Number: The opening number which includes the intro of hosts Xian and Anne and of course the introduction of the contestants reminds me so much of the 2011 Miss Universe pageant – it must be the color coding of their outfits.

The Swimsuit Competition: One word – BRAVO. Madam Stella really step up this time around (this I believe totally impressed Miss Universe president Paula Shugart and co.) The ladies are wearing expensive looking swimsuits inspired by the festivals in the country. I love that they were divided into four groups showcasing four different festivals from the Philippines.

The Evening Gown Competition: Oh I just love this part! This is where the eventual winners really stood out! My favorite gowns are from Parul Shah, Bianca Guidotti and MJ Lastimosa. The “White Gown” myth also got into us and made us a bit nervous. Oh, I also love that this segment was super fast!

Best in Swimsuit: I was so happy that finally, MJ was awarded this well deserved title. In 2011 and 2012, I thought she was robbed big time – now, “the body” of the competition was rewarded justly.

Best in Evening Gown: I really thought that this award was just a toss up between Bianca Guidotti and MJ Lastimosa. Bianca was awarded the title which I think was pretty fair.

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

The Announcement of Top 15: Pia, MJ, Bianca, Yvethe and Kris were already shoo in for the semis followed closely by Parul, Tiglao and Lehmann. The rest are surprises for me and it was with sadness that Diana Arevalo and Kim Suiza failed to make it into the semis – esp Suiza because she looks absolutely ravishing last night!

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

The Question and Answer portion:

Laura Lehman was asked for her favorite city that best represents her and she answered Armsterdam. I thought it was a cute answer but it could’ve been better if she chose something close from home. Ya’ll know what I mean right?

Pia Wurtzbach was very charming in answering her question but I’m firm in my belief that she would’ve made it had she answered the question in English (even though she was asked by Angara in the vernacular.)

Mary Jean Lastimosa – well, what can I say? Like her answer, the girl was very much composed upon answering her question. She gave it her all and the audience just loved it, even reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler who asked the question looks very impressed!

Bianca Guidotti‘s answer was very short and lacks conviction. After her turn, I immediately pegged her for a runner-up finish but clearly, her charm was undeniable in delivering her thoughts.

Nichole Manalo faltered and received an awkward applause from the audience.

Parul Shah was very studied and calculated which I think works well for her.

Yvethe Santiago was really mesmerizing on screen and in person. Her answer along with Lastimosa, Shah and Janson were the clear stand outs!

Kris Janson’s answer was very heartfelt that even host Anne Curtis teared up. I love her spontaneity. I guess what I didn’t like about her last night was her make up which made her looked tired.

Hannah Sison gave a decent answer but she was trying a bit too hard to be charming. Nevertheless, she look so polished last night.

On Emin: He’s quite a charmer and his songs aren’t that bad.???????????????????????????????

On regining Miss Universe Gabriela Isler: Oh, the crowd just loved her! She’s very pretty and tall! She’s for the record the third Miss Universe titleholder I’ve seen in my life after Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran. ???????????????????????????????

The Announcement Of Winners

2nd Runner-up: Hannah Sison – my friend who’s with me (Rey) and I predicted this and we believe that the judges got it right.

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

1st Runner-up: Laura Lehmann – I was a bit nervous because of some rumors floating in the net that Lehman was the matriarch Stella Araneta’s favorite to win the MUP crown. I’m glad that she didn’t win it because she needs more polishing. She look so pretty though!

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

Binibining Pilipinas Tourism: Parul Shah after her performance through the night deserved a crown and I was really hoping that she’ll get this one and she did!

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

Binibining Pilipinas Supranational: I predicted Yvethe Santiago to win this title and my intuition was right! Now, we’ve a pretty good chance of nailing a back to back win in Miss Supranational!

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental: As the first recipient of this title, Kris Janson made history last night after delivering a good performance and clinching this minor title. I was rather relieved when she was called because it means bigger chances for MJ to win the MUP title!

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

Binibining Pilipinas International: Initially, I was not happy Guidotti even won a crown. I was expecting Pia to clinch this but I’m just glad she did because I figured that she and Bea have some similarities. This could really work well for her. Plus, her personality’s too contagious! You gotta love a girl with a very positive personality!

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

via Bb.Pilipinas FB Page

>that shot when MJ was tearing up almost broke my heart. She must be thinking that she’d lose again since Pia Wurtzbach was still in contention. Lo and behold, her name was call the 2014 Miss Universe Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MJ Lastimosa

When she was announced the new Miss Universe Philippines, I felt like crying and hyperventilating! I was shouting for joy at the top of my lungs! Finally, my girl did it and she was rewarded for all her hard work and determination! MJ finally harvested the fruits of her hard labor – it’s been a long and winding road for her but it’s all worth the wait!

via ABS-CBN Online

2014 Binibining PIlipinas Winners with reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler image via ompb

2014 Binibining PIlipinas Winners with reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler
image via ompb

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