Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler is the winner of Miss Universe 2013!

Miss Universe 2013 VenezuelaJust three years after the historic win of Stefania Fernandez crowned then by her fellow Venezuelan Dayana Mendoza, the pageant powerhouse yet again proved that they are the leading country when it comes to sending top notch delegates with Gabriela Isler clinching the 7th Miss Universe crown for Venezuela!


Spain’s Patricia Yurena Rodriguez was adjudged 2nd while Constanza Baez of Ecuador was 3rd over all. Philippines’ bet Ariella Arida was 4th with Brazil’s Jakelyne Oliveira completing the Top 5!

The order of announcement during the pageant:
Top 16
1. Costa Rica
2. Ukraine
3. China
4. Ecuador
5. Great Britain
6. Indonesia
7. Venezuela
8. Dominican Republic
9. Puerto Rico
10. Spain
11. USA
12. Nicaragua
13. Switzerland
14. India
15. Brazil
16. Philippines

Top 10
1. Spain
2. Philippines
3. Great Britain
4. India
5. Brazil
6. USA
7. Ukraine
8. Ecuador
9. Venezuela
10. Dominican Republic

Top 5
1. Ecuador
2. Brazil
3. Spain
4. Philippines
5. Venezuela

For me, tonight’s a reminiscent of Shamcey’s stint in Brazil where she placed 4th behind Brazil, Ukraine and the eventual winner Angola. Everyone but Shamcey used an interpreter. It was still a good run though since Ara was able to continue PH’s top 5 streak! 

Your Thoughts?

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