Miss Philippines Ariella Arida’s National Costume For Miss Universe 2013

What can you say about Ara’s national costume? She’s wearing a traditional Filipiniana dress in a silvery color. It’s fabric looks similar to Janine’s’ evening gown during the Miss Universe last year – atleast the bottom part with pleats.

Ara Arida in Natl Costume during the National Costume Show

A national costume is supposed to represent something from one’s culture and that dress was able to show it adhering to a Filipiniana theme. But just merely looking at it, you can see that the design and the craftsmanship was way way way below at par. We can do better than this right? To the BPCI – why not let a Filipino designer do it for us? This was done in poor taste and I’m glad that Ariella looked marvelously beautiful despite this disastrous costume.

4 responses to “Miss Philippines Ariella Arida’s National Costume For Miss Universe 2013

  1. This is the most hideous national costume in the history of Miss Universe, well at least only for the Philippine candidates. Why can´t the organizers of Binibining Pilipinas Charities design something original? Its time that the group of Stella Araneta think out of the box. It is very disappointing and I feel sad looking at the efforts of our beautiful contestants go to waste…

  2. Too simple. But still good. Is her gown already changed? That was the worst gown a Philippine representative has worn -.-

    • Are you referring to the blue gown she’s wearing on her evening gown portrait? I believe that’s just for the website 🙂 I think she’ll be using a different gown. According to hearsay, it would be a canary yellow gown – a color similar to what Dayana Mendoza wore in 2008. 🙂

  3. I could not criticize Arida for her national costume because it was simply elegant in the way she carried it in the contest, and the textile as well reflects what I saw in our history. I think we don’t need to be indigenous to be able to portray and compete in our national costume.

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