Is “Made In Brazil” Too Hot For Fashion?

Brazilians are one of the most beautiful people in the world! [FACT1] That I have to agree since we have Giselle, Adriana, Alessandra and a lot of today’s so-called Supermodels hailing from this South American Paradise! [FACT 2]

Issue #1: Evandro & The Boys Of Brazil

With that being said, it is not only the female Brazilian models making waves in the fashion industry but also their male counterparts. With these demi-gods of beauty sprouting like mushrooms in Brazzziww, the oh-so sexy magazine Made In Brazilwas conceived.

Issue #2: Sports

Now on its 4th edition since its inception last year, Made in Brazil has become the new Playgirl with taste and the new Vogue Homme that is uber-sexualized.. (oh that’s just me, shoot me now! lol)

Issue #3: Fame With Marlon Teixeira On The Cover

Issue #3: Fame / Diego Fragoso Cover

We all know that the main selling point of the magazine are not the clothing and whatever pieces of accessories that the models had on. It is the models themselves that make this venture a very lucrative one – on a limited basis even! Pure genius if I may say! Almost naked Zeus-like guys that lured us into buying and anticipating each and every edition to be more daring and provocative than the last one.

Issue #4: Shining

Is it too much? Do you think they’re showing  too much skin for art’s sake or is it really for art’s sake? I’m not asking these question to create a debate on the sexualization of the society or about stuff being art and some scholarly bs stuff – I just thought that by posing these questions, I maybe trying to ask if its still fashion-able or should even be considered fashion (because most of the guys in the magazines are actually working models) or is it mere stunts to produce this type of magazine simply to generate income where fashion has become irrelevant but is being used nonetheless.

pictures via madeinbrazilblog

2 responses to “Is “Made In Brazil” Too Hot For Fashion?

  1. Apex In Fashion

    so hot!!!!!!!!!!! im inlove with arthur!!!!

  2. moreso, the magazine is mainly for the ladies and the ladyboys.

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