Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012 – Penshoppe Featuring Mario Maurer

Thailand’s biggest superstar  Mario Maurer graces the Philippine catwalk last night as he wowed the audience with his endearing smile and charisma walking for the clothing brand Penshoppe as its newest high-profile celebrity endorser for the Philippine Fashion Week.


photos by Celwin Abasolo

check more of Penshoppe and Mario at the official PFW website

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7 responses to “Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012 – Penshoppe Featuring Mario Maurer

  1. PENSHOPPE is such a fraud. They released so many tickets or “invites” at cost (!) to Mario fans knowing full well (unless they are total imbeciles) that the crowd couldn’t possibly be accommodated!

    They didn’t even give the locked out paying customers the courtesy of an explanation or just an early warning so that they could’ve done something more productive with their time. People stood in line for hours while Penshoppe plotted to keep them at bay. The whole event was a big display of Penshoppe’s and its events organizers’ arrogance and parallel cowardice.

    Poor Mario Maurer.. I think he is victimized too by the company he endorses which milked his fans of their hard-earned money, and then robbed them of their precious time and of what could’ve been a cherished experience. I hope his name and image won’t be affected by Penshoppe’s fraudulence.

    Nakakahiya talaga ang Penshoppe!

  2. @brushpicks Yes, obviously the whole debacle in regards to the Penshoppe fashion show disappointed a lot of people who expected to get in. But this is the first time that anything like this has ever happened in the entire history of Penshoppe. They have already apologized and are trying to make it up to those they disappointed, and they are promising another exclusive event especially for them. Let’s not judge Penshoppe based on that night alone; yes, they could have handled the situation better on the spot, but they are not the organizers of fashion week. They got the biggest spot possible and were simply overwhelmed by the numbers that showed up. It is common for organizers to sell more tickets than there are available seats, because usually not everybody that has a ticket shows up. Obviously this was not the case for Penshoppe’s fashion show. But remember that it was the ORGANIZERS and not Penshoppe. And fans should be thankful that Penshoppe even gave them the opportunity to meet Mario Maurer. And without Penshoope, Mario Maurer wouldn’t even be in the Philippines. Keep that in mind.

    • @Alison.. Are you from Penshoppe?

      The explanation that Penshoppe gave actually makes things worse as it makes people seem stupid.

      First, Penshoppe and, yes, it’s show organizer, are NOT new to the game: they’ve done events/shows for so many times already and for them to be “overwhelmed” in such a fashion is a manifestation of utmost incompetence in things they should’ve mastered already, regardless of an endorser’s overwhelming popularity. True, overprinting invites to make sure that the venue fills up is an SOP, but, lawd!, have you seen HOW MANY OVERPRINTS they did based on the crowd?? That surely is beyond merely covering bases, it’s literally runaway greed or disrespectful inconsideration or stupidity or, most likely, all of the above!

      Also, were they NOT confident with Mario that they contemplated the probability of people not attending in significant number? Hmmm…

      If they printed as much then they should’ve prepared contingencies that would’ve allowed for flexibility with the venue, i.e., matching the maximum capacity required by the total released invites.. considering that they couldn’t have been *that* unaware of Mario’s popularity and the rate of snapped up tickets. Just saying that they rented the biggest hall smacks of unacceptable irresponsibility.

      And the worse, they LET PEOPLE STAND FOR HOURS knowing already DAYS PRIOR (or from the day they decided how many invites to print!) that accommodation is impossible! Kinawawa nila ang mga tao.. At wala pa talagang humarap from among them as courtesy!

      So, they plan on making up for it. Good. The only fitting solution is to bring Mario back for us SOONEST for an HONEST TO GOODNESS FAN MEET WITHOUT THE HEAVY HANDED SECURITY. But, still, what about people like me who are not from Manila?

      Btw, I AM thankful to Penshoppe for bringing Mario in.. but that’s beside the point..

  3. I was one of those who waited in vain to get inside the venue. I actually felt cheated by Penshoppe, moreover by the organizer of the Philippine Fashion Week. I know that fashion shows of such event is different from the usual one but it should be noted that Penshoppe and the organizer kinda took advantage of the consumers / fans of Mario. They should have mentioned or stated in the first place the number of guest that can be accommodated. It’s a waste of time waiting for nothing.

    I’m hoping that they could make it up big time on whatever event they’re planning involving Mario. PENSHOPPE should learn from this lesson and PFW should not be a very exclusive organization where the same bunch of people plan everything. Obviously, they are not that good at what they do.

    On the lighter side of things, I am especially excited in his project with ABS-CBN. I just wished that ABS picked Kim Chiu to be his partner instead of Erich Gonzales who looked way older than Mario.

    At the end of the day, I’m still thankful that Penshoppe brought our dear Mario in the Philippines!

    We love you Mario!!!

  4. hi may i know the name of the drummer=))

  5. That was really disappointing and a terrible move by Penshoppe. A total scam!

    Read my blog post here:

  6. This show is beyond ridiculous! I can’t believe Penshoppe got away with it! They’re bunch of cheaters!!!! I won’t buy anything from their line because of what they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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