Miss Universe 2010 Top 15 Predictions

Almost a month ago, I picked my favorites for the semis for the 2010 Miss Universe to be held on August 23, 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Barely two weeks before the competition will start; I will again pick our pre- “preliminaries” favorites after seeing some of their official and non-official Miss Universe photos.

Here’s our  Top 15 predictions this time:

1. Australia (Jesinta Campbell) – she’s one of my top favorites for the crown now for simply delivering those endearing smiles and captivating eye contact.


2. The Philippines (Venus Raj) – she’s my “most-likely” favorite to win the crown because of her spunk and the hunger I see in her eyes. Her fierce photos and the attention she’s getting from the pageant’s sponsors is giving me good vibes about this prediction.

3. Russia (Irina Antonenko) – she’s without question the perennial Top 5 favorite of almost every pageant fans all over the world since she won the national competition. After seeing her lackluster photos though, I’m hoping that she could live up with everyone’s hype!


4. Israel (Bat-El Jobi) – Her exotic look and girl-next door  sex appeal are what endear me to Bat-El. I’m giving her a very comfortable spot in the Top 15.


5. Albania (Angela Martini) – Initially, I never thought of Miss Albania to be Miss Universe material but after seeing her photos / videos, I’m so dead wrong!


6. USA (Rima Fakih) – this girl is all personality and whether she delivers mediocre photos is not my concern now. Her always sunny smile reminds me of the ever- luminescent dessert of Las Vegas and she’s gearing up to conquer it!

7. Mexico (Ximena Navarrete) – yes, it’s a mistake not to include (X) Jimena in our early predictions but I’m only human right? I’m making it up though, because I have this core-tingling feeling that she’d sail through the competition and be part of that group who will be answering the final question!


8. Ireland (Rozanna Purcell) –I’ve been hearing the buzzes about this fine young vixen from Ireland and I’m quite impressed with the package – I’m just not sure if she could carry this on to win it all.


9. Haiti (Sarodj Bertin) – for a long time now, the still distraught country of Haiti decided to send a delegate with just the right angst to make it and it’s not pity that would catapult her to the semis; I hope I’m right.


10. Trinidad and Tobago (LaToya Woods) – she’s quite fierce and I’d like to commend the confidence she exudes. It’s almost convincing that after over 11 years, she might just sneak in to grab the crown.


11. France (Malika Menard) – I just love her smile and yes! –she’s got that look to die for. Merci.

12. Puerto Rico (Mariana Paola Vicente) – girls from this country always end up winning when you least expect them to and I’m eying her now –yes you Mariana!


13. India (Ushoshi Sengupta)– I’m disappointed at first but I’d still like to believe that she could carry on the almost lost Miss India legacy.


14. Canada (Elena Semikina) – she’s the tallest and she’s half-Russian so I figured that she would easily stand out right?

15. Venezuela (Marelisa Gibson)  – The most disappointing delegate from Venezuela in years. Let’s admit it though, she’s everyone sentimental favorite and she’s hoping she could continue her country’s winning streak. Gawd bless her.

My fearless forecast for the crown? (The Philippines, Canada and Mexico)

Photos are entirely owned by the Miss Universe Organization.
PaddylastInc does not own any of the photos above. Credit to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.

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