Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 Picks

The 59th Edition will be held next month at the Mandalay Bay Resorts and Casino, in Las Vegas USA. 85 contestants from all over the globe are expected to compete with Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez crowning the new Queen.

Here are PaddylastInc’s TOP 10 Picks out of all 81 contestants. Note that there will be 15 semi-finalist come next month’s competition.

1. Japan – Maiko ItaiMU Japan

Miss Japan exudes that Kurara Chibana appeal when strutting her stuff on the runway and we can’t help but think that she might just end up winning the crown!

2. Belgium– Cilou AnnysMU Belgium

There’s something fresh with Miss Belgium that is why she’s part of our Top 10.

3. Mexico – Ximena NavarreteMU Mexico

Miss Mexico is pure sex appeal. Yep. That’s it.

4. Russia – Irina AntonenkoMU Russia

I know. They all look alike. Her body’s not that enticing during the national competition but her face could launch…anything!

5. Australia –  Jesinta CampbellMU Australia

She’d surely gonna work it in the prelims. Mark our words, she’s gonna make it in the top 15 by her catwalk skills alone.

6. Canada – Elena SemikinaMU Canada

We were thinking that she could do a repeat of that Natalie Glebova’s conquest when she snatch the Universe from the Latinas in 2005!

7. Philippines – Maria Venus RajMU Philippines

She’s probably one of the most searched Miss Universe contestants this year;  thanks to her dethronement from the crown and official reinstatement to represent her country to the Miss Universe. We’d love to see her flaunt her 22″ waistline in the semi-finals. A body deemed to be the best among the contestants this year.

8. Kosovo –  Kështjella PepshiMU Kosovo

Yes. This would be their 3rd year in the competition and she’s not an exception, she might just be the first Miss Universe from Kosovo!

9. Venezuela – Marelisa GibsonMU Venezuela

I don’t think Venezuela will get a threepeat with Marelisa. She’s pretty alright but she’s not as stunning as both Dayana and Stefania.  It is almost secured though, that she’ll have a place in the semis.

10. USA –  Rima FakihMU USA

Miss USA may have the edge for being “Miss USA,” although  she’s not that of a stand out physically, contestants should watch out for her because she’s smart as hell

PaddylastInc does not own any of the photos.

6 responses to “Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 Picks

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  2. miss phillippines should be the winner period.

  3. NO one deserve the crown bu Philippines…….

  4. Mabuhay Ms. Philippines….. You’re the only deserving for the crown.

  5. miss trinidad and tobago is deserving of that crown

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