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Book Review: Thomas Elkin – Sense Of Place – N.R. Walker

Sense of Place[Book 3 of the Thomas Elkin series]

Getting the support of their families, Tom and Cooper are at their happiest. They now lived together and nothing will get in their way. But outside influences are trying to tear them apart. Cooper is currently working for a man his age and thinks that he should be dating someone like him and Tom’s facing discrimination at work from a fellow senior partner. These forces won’t easily win though, because Tom and Cooper know that they have something much stronger and they are the real deal.

It’s really nice to see more of Tom and Cooper’s interaction at their respective offices. I loved that Cooper does not get easily swayed. He’s really a stubborn one, isn’t he? It’s funny how he still gets whatever he wants from Tom and how the latter loves spoiling him! I can’t help but grin from ear to ear when Cooper was putting words in Tom’s mouth about marriage. He’s hilarious and I loved how Tom easily relents with this super funny and vibrant young man! It’s also very sweet how Tom lets him fly – I mean, the way he seems to mentor Cooper because he really believed in him. What a really sweet guy.

I really loved this series and although this seemed to be the conclusion of the it, I really still want more of Tom and Cooper. Why is N.R. Walker so freaking amazing? Like seriously? Sixty Five Hours, Heatstroke, Red Dirt Heart, Three’s Company… Gosh, I simply cannot wait to read the next series from her!


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published February 14th 2014 by Totally Bound

Book Review: Thomas Elkin – Clarity Of Lines – N.R. Walker

Clarity of Lines[Book 2 of the Thomas Elkin series]

Forty-four year old Tom and twenty-two year old Cooper are very much together now. They decided to give their relationship a shot and would now like to share the news with their respective families. They thought their age gap won’t be that big of an issue but their loved ones seemed to think otherwise.

Now, this second installment is where everything hit the fan. Meeting the parents (technically, Tom have already met Cooper’s parents when the latter was still in high school) and telling them about their budding relationship. It was actually rather sweet how Tom and Cooper’s relationship developed in this installment. I loved how they each maintained their individuality without trying to change each other. I thought it was really sweet of Cooper whenever he’s defending his relationship with Tom. It’s true that it’s always the older one who seems to be getting all the blame yeah? Because he’s older and all – but sometimes, that is not always right. Of course, they cannot help the reaction of their respective families but I was sure glad that the story continues to keep its pacing without rushing anything about their relationship. It was really funny how Cooper always gets his way and Tom never wins an argument – funny, cute and very sweet if you think about it. I am totally in love with this series that just got better with this second installment. It’s truly a MUST-READ. Another great series from N.R. Walker.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published December 13th 2013 by Totally Bound

Book Review: Thomas Elkin – Elements Of Retrofit – N.R. Walker

Elements of Retrofit[Book 1 of the Thomas Elkin series]

I am actually a sucker for May-December love stories and this one is probably one of the best series out there involving such affair and I just adored the couple here. Thomas Elkin is a successful New York architect who came out as a gay man before his fortieth birthday thus ending his almost twenty-year marriage. At forty-four, he’s as free to live his life the way he wanted especially now that his relationship with his son is back on track. Then came Cooper Jones, one of his new intern and an aspiring superstar in the world of architecture – also a friend of his son and is half his age. Their mutual attraction was palpable and Tom’s world is about to go upside down as Cooper shows him the life he’s been missing.

I do not have many issues about the MCs’ age gap here – I mean, I probably go awry if it’s more than 30 years gap because that’d just be weird – (that’s just for me though) but this one I find slightly awkward at first because Cooper actually went to school with Tom’s son, like they went to school together in High School and Tom’s actually older than Cooper’s Dad (like a month-older) but setting those aside, everything’s good with me.

I loved Cooper’s sassy attitude. He’s clearly very mature for his age and I think he balanced out Tom very well. I loved how Tom was trying to really gauge Cooper first before diving into the affair. After all, Cooper’s still very young and may very well have a change of heart. The good thing though is that Cooper attitude towards Tom and the way Tom reciprocates with Cooper was almost like a perfect semblance of how such affair should be handled. Even if clearly, Tom have made a lot (financially and built his reputation in the industry) – there was no barrier or distance that conflicted their budding relationship. This first book of the series was clearly very much focused on the merging of two generations and how both of them very well complimented each other. The issue about age was there and will always be there but I’m glad how their relationship seemed to be a lot stronger than this one factor. It’s a beautiful start of a series and I am so excited to read its second book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published October 4th 2013 by Total-E-Bound Publishing