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Book Review: Indebted (The Premonition #3) – Amy A. Bartol

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via Goodreads

It must have been my initial reaction to the series that made me decide to give its third book a shot. I mean, I loved most of the characters in the series but as it progresses, It somehow became repetitive with Evie, the main protagonist becoming so overbearing.

In this installment of The Premonition series, Evie find herself questioning the loyalty of her heart amongst the three “love interest” and between her “two families” [the Angels & The Gagcanagh’s].

Let me be totally honest here. Evie’s the one bringing all the trouble to begin with. Why can’t she just freaking stick to one thing! At least for once! She’s lucky people she’s messing up with keeps on forgiving her. Why can’t they just be mean to her just for once? While reading this, I was thinking that she’s the single most annoying heroine I’ve ever read of all time!

It’s also interesting to note that Russell yet again tried to become the hero but to no avail. Why do we even need his POV? Like seriously? He wasn’t even born half-angel and he’s getting all-Evie like whilst evolving. I was like, what’s up with that? Suddenly, he’s powerful and all. Evie should at least have some superior power over her “creation” right?

Okay, so I’d stop bitching about this now but surely, you can tell that I really didn’t enjoy this book. I’m not even sure I’d read the fourth book sooner (which I’ve already bought prior to reading the first book) especially after learning the fifth book is slated to be release next year. Oh, please – NEXT!

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Intuition (The Premonition #2) – Amy A. Bartol

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via Goodreads

The first book of this series got me all excited to read its second installment and it raised the bar pretty high that’s why I end up a bit disappointed with this one. I just really want to mention something about the three main characters here – Genevieve, Reed and Russell.

Genevieve – There’s something seriously wrong with this half human – half angel. She’s like the most inconsiderate /selfish heroine I’ve ever known in this genre. In the first book, I love how she’s carrying the girl power banner and how she’s like an overachiever and is supposed to be smart. Here though, everything went spiraling down for her character. It was like a character assassination / suicide – whatever you wanna call it. She became too emotional, irrational and to put it simply – dimwit. And for geez sake! She’s flirting with three other guys and can’t seem to make a decision – a rational one for that matter. She’s actually the one abusing the trust of people around her and is also very abusive to Reed if I may say so. I just hate the fact that during the first book, she was this strong, amazing woman and here, she became a wimpy half-angle when she’s supposed to be evolving into something superior – well, she did evolve physically at least.

Reed – I love Reed’s character from the very start and I find it weird that the author didn’t try to tell the story or at least have chapters in this book through his POV. His age and history would’ve been sufficient enough to tell something more about him. Instead, he became the martyr lover who think that it was his entire fault [yeah, yeah I get that it was in his nature to protect] for being unable to protect the thick headed Evie.

Russell – Really? The way he speaks was inconsistent. Gosh, I hate the way I could hear that accent in my head. It was annoying as hell and I don’t really see the point of giving him more than a couple of chapters [POV-wise]

I really thought that this second book lacked focus and became a bit self-indulgent midway till the end. I didn’t like the way the author made Evie’s character like she’s got a multiple personality disorder. She was such a kick-ass in the first book which is ironic because here, she keeps on getting physically stronger along with her supernatural powers but her personality isn’t developing at all. She’s becoming an emotional wreck. I guess I’m just totally disappointed with the whole thing – it really dwindled down for me big time but I’m hanging in there for the next book.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Inescapable (The Premonition #1) – Amy A. Bartol

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via goodreads

Yay! I totally loved this one and I’m pretty excited to read the second book! I was a bit skeptical to read this when I first got it because I just got burned by Hush, Hush and with suspiciously similar theme, I already formed a preconceived idea about it and boy was I glad to finish this one in less than a day! It’s exciting with no annoying characters at all, lovely and detailed characterizations and a pretty convincing plot.

So this is another YA supernatural romance series in the tradition of Twilight’s love triangle ala Edward – Bella – Jacob. This time, it’s in the name of Reed, Evie and Russell. And for the record, let me just say that I’m totally under Team Reed. LOL

I didn’t like the soul mate thingy at all if I’m being honest. I hope the author did something about it for the next book. I wish I could easily mention what the supernatural characters are in this novel but I’d rather have you guys read it because it’s actually pretty good – Yup, git the guessing game rolling. There are so many ideas from this book to explore and having copies of the next three books in the series, I’m guessing I’ll be having a “Premonition” weekend. Wicked huh?

Date Finished reading: September 2014

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars