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Book Review: My Zombie Boyfriend – T. Strange

My Zombie BoyfriendBlurb: Edward Grey is a medical student by day, necromancer by night. He lives alone with the first zombie he ever raised, his childhood cat, Boo. Edward’s life is simple: studying medicine, training his necromantic powers with his mentor, Mariel, and having weekly dinners with his parents. When he finds a very attractive corpse in a park and brings it home to reanimate, he creates a sassy, free-willed zombie who believes Edward is the one who murdered him.

With no memory of his former life, Edward names the zombie Kit and tries to win his trust. Kit slowly adjusts to his new un-life with Edward’s help, though he’s still suspicious of Edward’s role in his death and is convinced that Edward is hiding his former identity. Edward is very attracted to Kit, but understands why Kit doesn’t trust him. As they become closer to one another, Kit turns to Edward for comfort and love. The fragile trust they’ve built together will be tested when Kit unexpectedly regains his memory and seeks revenge on his murderers.

I absolutely adore this quirky romance between a fashionista zombie and a medical student necromancer! I initially thought I was going to get some sort of variations of “Warm Bodies” but I was rather surprise of its cliché but very much endearing storytelling!

I just loved Edward (the necromancer) and his adorable necromancer ways! I was glad that his character isn’t over the top. I loved it even more that despite his quirks, he’s still very much normal in comparison to similar characters in other literatures. Oh and his chemistry with Kit!!!! *sigh* Speaking of Kit, isn’t he just the cutest and funniest zombie ever?! He’s like 101% adorbs!

Then we have the supporting characters – Edward’s parents, Mariel and Bone (I’d definitely look forward to his story!!!)

I’m still grinning from ear to east thinking about this book. If you want to have a good laugh then this heartwarming, romantic comedy and eccentric love story is definitely for you!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published April 15th 2015 by Torquere Press