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Book Review: Social Skills – Sara Alva

17798654I may have expected too much from this book after reading “Silent” because that one’s incredibly good rendering me heartbroken and hopeful at the same time. This one, however, was kind of just there. It didn’t resonate at all with me and the characters aren’t that interesting to begin with. The main guy Connor sounds like he’s suffering more than his anxiety attacks. It’s almost stressful whenever he’s having an almost-breakdown just for merely saying “Hello” – I was like is he for real? Don’t get me wrong though, it was clearly stated that he’s having anxiety attacks whenever confronted by social situations but sometimes it was almost unbelievable [don’t mean to be dumb about said disorder but this book is just…] I also noticed how unfocused the story was compared with Silent.  Connor and his football jock boyfriend, though in love didn’t have that much chemistry and aren’t likable at all. This book totally reminded me of Play Me, I’m Yours by Madison Parker – Connor reminds me of Tate for some reason. Anyhoo, I really cannot fault the writing style of this one but the story development and its character – I didn’t get them at all.

Music is the only form of communication Connor Owens controls. No matter how badly he wishes to fit in, friendly banter and casual conversations have never been his thing. College is yet another social universe he has no clue how to navigate—until he meets Jared, a football player with chestnut eyes and a cocky grin that holds the power to shatter his self-imposed prison. 

Jared’s attention opens Connor up to a new realm of emotional and physical intimacy. But as Connor’s self-confidence grows, so does his fear that everything will fall apart. Because in this socially stratified world, how long can a relationship between an introverted violinist and a closeted football player really last? Via Goodreads

 Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Silent – Sara Alva

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

Silent is the story of two lost boys in a foster home who found solace from each other after both escaping their rather unpleasant pasts. Alex was taken away from home after his school’s discovery of an abuse. Against his will, the fifteen year old boy was placed in foster care where he meets the Sebastian, a mute kid whom they call a special case. Through Sebastian, Alex was able to pour all of his thoughts and secrets until a tragedy forced them apart. Determined to “get through” Sebastian, Alex did everything to be able to really “hear” what’s inside the boy’s mind and heart.

 It’s always heartbreaking for me whenever the story involves foster kids because they’re real. Their stories, their past, those boys and girls truly exist. This achingly beautiful narrative of two foster kids with their young love and their pasts just made me realize yet again how ugly and beautiful at the same time human nature could be. The book was heartbreaking, romantic, maddening and hopeful at the same time. It’s all what I’m looking for such theme and it’s beautifully written by the author. You can really feel the authenticity of Alex’s voice and the yearning of Sebastian to express himself fully. I could only wish now that the author considers writing a short story about their future as adults. Now that would be really lovely.

 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars