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Book Review: Relief Valve – J.L. Merrow

Relief Valve[Book 2 of The Plumber’s Mate Series]

I actually liked the first book better than this installment. I thought the first one was more focused in comparison and a lot funnier. Now that Tom and Phil are officially dating despite their rather unpleasant past, they are now in the stage of really getting to know each other more including their respective families. I really loved how J.L Merrow writes her stories – the usual sarcastic and dry humor was there, the quirky characters and the story most of the time just goes with the characters so smoothly. Tom’s character here is just one of my favorite characters I’ve read from her and it pains me that I didn’t get much from him in this book despite having his character telling the whole thing. Perhaps, I’m just too annoyed with Phil’s character up until now since reading the first book (I think he’s really got it pretty easy) and the way Tom viewed him really irks me. Tom’s a pretty laid back character with a self-deprecating attitude to go with it. Phil, the grumpy detective was rather too shelled for me. I’m still waiting for that moment where I’ll warmed over his character but it didn’t happen in this book. This book isn’t less enjoyable though, even if I liked the first one better. I still love the way their relationship developed. At least there’s something happening yeah? And there’s Tom’s cats – Arthur & Merlin!!! I loved their scenes whenever Tom talks about them. It was a good book, a good follow-up in the series and I’m really looking forward to reading the third installment. I’d like to give Phil the benefit of the doubt 🙂

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars