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Book Review: Splintered Lies (In the Shadow of the Wolf #3) – Diane Adams, R.J. Scott

Splintered LiesWe met Joe Christie and Nick Alexander from the first book as the two shifters under Rob’s team. This was actually a total surprise for me when I found out that Joe’s the MC here and is going to do the nasty with Nick. I’m like – okay – he’s like super straight and has got a baby on the way right? It turns out that they actually have history together – deeper than being best of friends.

With the death of his wife and baby, Joe’s life was only consumed with grief and anger. When new information about his family’s death comes to light, his first instinct was to put the law into his own hands.

Trying to get at the bottom of this case muddled with murder and betrayal, Nick will do everything for Joe and fight the people who want to kill them both.

This has got to be my favorite in the whole series. The backstory given regarding Joe and Nick’s past was beautifully presented and quite bittersweet at that. It really hurts to see that one person you loved the most suffering. And it also hurts when you feel that other person will be happier with someone else – only, it wasn’t quite the case here. It was a whole case of misunderstanding, suppressed feelings, respect and just getting through life.

As they say though, love moves in mysterious ways. Although it moves in such a dick way, killing Joe’s family in the process – their love somehow will always be on top. I loved seeing Joe’s vulnerability here and felt his suffering all throughout. It’s also nice that Nick just kept on waiting and never loses patience. I guess that is what’s beautiful about their love for each other – it was solid, pure and it’s always there.

I loved that we get to see more of the whole gang as we go through Joe and Nick’s story and although this last book was written 3 years ago, I’m still hopeful that we’d get to see more of these characters. There’s more to the story especially now that we’ve got a new character. Was it Corbin? Not sure about the name but there surely was an opening for the next book to happen.

This I would say though, as a whole – this series was exceptional. It’s very easy to read and the characters are very easy to like. You’d definitely want to read this one!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published July 19th 2013 by Love Lane Books (first published September 29th 2012)

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Book Review: Broken Memories (In the Shadow of the Wolf #2) – Diane Adams, R.J. Scott


Broken Memories[Book 2 of In The Shadow Of The Wolf Series]

Sam Harrison almost didn’t make it if not for the help of Jamie (from the first book) and was left near “broken.” He doesn’t remember anything from his former life and only has nightmares that gave him trauma in shifting from human to wolf.

This is what Doug McKenna does not understand. He’s always been an Alpha and has little respect for the weak ones. With Sam near broken and helpless, he find himself looking out for the other guy and realized that he’s exactly what the guy really needs.

Okay, so I loved Doug from the first book but I didn’t get his sudden change of attitude. Yes, he was very parental over Jamie when the latter was still rooming with him but I thought he’s a chill and fun shifter. It’s like a new Doug altogether in this book. Of course, there was a “reason” behind this but it felt off if you’re going to compare the Doug from book 1 and the Doug this book.

As a whole though, I thought the story was solid and has continuity. I wished there’s more information about Sam and it’d been more fun if there’s more blood bath in here. Nonetheless, this was a great second book and I couldn’t wait to read the next book!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published July 5th 2013 by Love Lane Books (first published November 25th 2011)

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Book Review: Shattered Secrets (In the Shadow of the Wolf #1) – Diane Adams, R.J. Scott

Shattered Secrets[Book 1 of In The Shadow of the Wolf Series]

At first, I didn’t get Rob’s revulsion towards having a relationship with a “different species” (werewolves), not even an intimate one-time contact would do for him. When he met Jamie at a club and had a very hot one night stand with him, he was affronted when he realized that the other guy was a “shifter.”  He’d gone all Rambo and kicked the other guy out. His reasoning all throughout the story doesn’t really make sense that with not having equal strength / power in a relationship. That was pretty lame, really.

As Rob got promoted to a special police force specializing wolf/human cases, a kidnapping of young werewolves used for sex trade landed on his desk revealing secrets that he thought he already had knowledge of especially since his best friends are actually werewolves. When he faced Jamie again, he found himself going back and forth with his prejudices and fighting off his feelings but in the end, he knows that he’s got to do something about it to keep his lover alive.

Don’t get me wrong though, I loved the story as a whole but I just don’t like Rob’s prejudice towards the werewolves. It was like rejecting a whole bunch of people who are in love with shifters. He’s not perfect yeah but he comes off through the first part of the book like a big effin prick. Jamie on the other hand reminds me of Jessica, the baby vamp from True Blood if you’re familiar? He’s that cute and his maturity level isn’t there yet in my opinion. He’s what you call in the shifter world, a late bloomer but yeah – his characterization was cute and charming but isn’t a strong one. I guess his character simply balance out Rob’s dick thoughts regarding human-shifter relationships.

The supporting characters here were great especially Doug. I initially thought that it’d be some kind of a love triangle but was glad that one didn’t pan out. The whole “breaking” thing was new for me and that was the most interesting part of the book and I loved that it’s at least something new to offer the readers of this genre. It’s not so bad, it’s really not so bad.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published June 21st 2013 by Love Lane Books (first published August 27th 2011)

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