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Review: Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm BodiesCharismatic, funny and subtle with just the right punch – this film is about a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) narrating his life living with fellow zombies in an abandoned airport after a seemingly medical apocalypse separating the un-dead and the very small number of humans living in a walled city. Off to look for humans (for food,) R’s group encountered a group of humans on a mission to scavenge medical supplies from an abandon warehouse. On that raid, R killed a young man and eats his brain, absorbing his memories (which according to him earlier – eating the brains of their victims make them more alive.) He then sees the young man’s girlfriend named Julie (Teresa Palmer) but instead of eating her, she was rescued by R from the other zombies and smeared her with blood to cover her scent. R then took Julie to the plane where he lives to keep her safe.

The film was very enjoyable. The mere premise of Zombies having social life is a thought entertaining enough to make you curious to see the film. I was surprised to see the sheer similarity of Teresa Palmer here to Kristen Stewart – well, physically. I much preferred Palmer’s acting. Nicholas Hoult was adorable. I love his awkwardness – it feels so raw yet believable.

That moment when he was absorbing Julie’s memories by eating Julie’s boyfriend’s brain little by little and finally having a dream – affirming his “awakening humanity” was the highlight of the film which made R realized that they can actually interact with humans again (kinda spoiler-ish, sorry).
There’s nothing to really rave about the film. It was altogether a decent deadpan romantic flick which you would enjoy tremendously as part of your list in a “movie marathon night” that you’d be having a few months from now.
Rating: 8/10
Based on     Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
Distributed by Summit Entertainment
Director: Jonathan Levine
Starrin: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, Dave Franco, Analeigh Tipton, Cory Hardrict, John Malkovich
@Gateway Cinema 2 Feb.19.2013

Review: Clash Of The Titans (2010)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

This movie as I found out prior to watching it is a remake of the 1981 film of the same title. I’m not that thrilled to watch it. I guess I’m just interested with all the effects and see Sam Worthington – his follow up film after Avatar which was shown last year and became the top grossing film in history.

I actually enjoyed the film though I’m not really jumping off my seat. The visuals are ok –nothing spectacular. There’s nothing that’s exciting about it and nothing to rave about. It sure sound borderline boring but it’s okay. The film ran got 2 hours and you’d actually enjoy the visuals and it’s pacing. Watching it is like going to the grocery store with the exact list of what you’d be buying. You’d even think that Sam Worthington who played the son of Zeus, Perseus actually looked like Jake (his character from Avatar)- I mean with the same hair and same demeanor. It’s like he did the film while making Avatar.

Director: Louis Leterrier

Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Germma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, Alexa Davalos, Jason Flemying, Pete Postlethwaite, Polly Walker, Ashraf Barhom, Tine Stapelfeldt, Elizabeth McGovern, Nicholas Hoult, Liam Cunningham, Hans Matheson, Vincent Regan, Alexander Siddig, Luke Treadaway, Mouloud Achour, Luke Evans, Izabella Miko, Ian Whyte, Ross Mullan, Rory McCann , Kaya Scodelario, Tamer Hassan, Danny Huston, David Kennedy, Nina Young, Jane March, Nathalie Cox, Agyness Deyn, Paul Kynman, Natalia Vodianova, Charlotte Comer

Where: SM North Edsa -Cinema 6 6:45PM

When: April 3, 2010

Rating: 4.5 / 10

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