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Book Review: Mad About the Hatter – Dakota Chase

Mad About The HatterHenry has never believed his sister Alice’s tales about the Wonderland until he finds himself thrown in it with an instruction to find the Mad Hatter. Enter Hatter who’s trying to keep his head from rollin’ by delivering Henry also known as Boy Alice to the evil Red Queen.

This modern take on Wonderland by author Dakota Chase is nothing short of ‘wonderful.’ At the beginning, I was a bit wary because I find the first few chapters slow-going with all their ‘adventures’ at the Drawrof, the Neverglades, the confection mountains and so on and so forth. I thought it‘d just be a series of adventures where they have to pass through it and that would be it. But no, all along – we see how Hatter and Henry seemed to be developing feelings for each other. I really loved the subtle approach of the author here when it comes to the budding romance between the two main characters. There’s sweetness in it. It’s not hurried and you know it’s there even if it’s not obvious. It’s feel good and I loved that in this story. There’s this sweet innocence about it. I also loved the fact that sexuality wasn’t such a big deal for both Hatter and Henry.

I also adore their banter. I especially love Hatter’s characterization here. He’s about the most charming and adorable ever especially when he went to Henry’s world and got to see the vehicles, the buildings, taste the food, watch cinema – he’s just so funny, charming and all kinds of adorable I just wanna keep him! Haha!

The conclusion was rather anti-climactic but apt for our characters since it was established early on that it’s not gonna be some sort of an all-out war thingy and stuff.  Overall, the author’s fresh approach on the story will endear its readers to the characters especially with Hatter. Plus, it’s absolutely well-written so hat’s off to Dakota Chase.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Expected publication: August 20th 2015 by Harmony Ink Press

About The Author
Dakota Chase writes stories of the fantastical, of ghosts and monsters, and time travel. She lives right on the border of Normal, and has been known to take quick trips into the next town over, Crazy, although she usually finds her way home again without little trouble. She shares her home with Nibbles, her Shar-Pei/Labrador mixed breed that may or may not be a werewolf in disguise, and a husband who definitely isn’t a werewolf even though he’s been known to be shaggy and howl from time to time. She has four grown children, one of whom has spawned, resulting in two grandchildren whom she adores. When she isn’t writing, Dakota likes to crochet odd things, like killer shark slippers and skull dolls. She loves sushi, spicy foods, and grapes, but is highly allergic to any form of math.

WEBSITE: http://www.dakotachase.com
E-MAIL: dakotachase@tampabay.rr.com
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/dakotachase
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/dakota.chase.1840

An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and impartial review.