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Review: Addicted To Love (1997)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

I was able to watch this film during my high school days in the province and on TV! I just find it extremely funny back then. Addicted to love is about two lovesick strangers who connived together for love. Sam, a goody-goody astronomer was off to win back the love of his life Linda who leaves him for a Frenchman named Anton she met in New York. While Maggie, a photographer wants to take revenge on Anton, her ex-fiance. Together, they devices a good plan to separate the two which resulted in a very unexpected way!

Re-watching it on DVD, I still find it funny. Both Ryan and Broderick are charming and they complimented each other. The story isn’t much to munch on but it was a feel-good movie  and I just love the balance of love and humor in it. It won’t leave you lingering with addictive thoughts but it will tickle you to the bones and would be a very good line up for a DVD marathon with your love ones this Valentines.

Ratings: 7/10

Director: Griffin Dunne
Starring: Meg Ryan, Matthew Broderick, Kelly Preston, Tchery Karyo, Maureen Stapleton, Remak Ramsay