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Book Review: Love Lessons – (Love Lessons #1) – Heidi Cullinan

Love Lessons[Book 1 of Love Lessons Series]

Kelly Davidson is a Disney-loving-allergy-magnet freshman who arrived at Hope University thinking he’ll be able to find his Prince Charming and explore his recent outing from the closet.  Then he was roomed with the campus Casanova Walter Lucas who doesn’t believe in fairy tale endings and whose goal is to bag as many guys as possible and just be his happy self.  With the sexual tension building between them, either of them needs to compromise their beliefs. One has to learn the lesson about “true” life and the other needs to realize that true love does exist.

 It’s been awhile since I’ve read something from Heidi Cullinan (not really that long, but about a couple of months or so) and this book just gave me all those beautiful Disney-ish feelings. I just loved the on-the-get-go chemistry between the MCs here. Kelly is too adorable (those blushes!) and so as Walter. There’s something about their easy chemistry that makes me all gooey inside. I loved the fact that they’re so opposite but still manage to be compatible in so many ways. Kelly’s naïve disposition was never annoying in any way. It’s actually a bit refreshing. His character reminds me a bit of Connor Owens from Sara Alva’s Social Skills only because they’re both too innocent but Kelly’s character’s way ahead of Connor and much, much better.  Walter on the other hand was just disgustingly endearing. He’s cocky, strong, out and proud but deep inside he’s actually got some issues but he doesn’t show it to the world at large. Only the closest knows all about them and I loved how he’s somewhat best friend with his professor and also opened up with Kelly. I loved his vulnerability because it makes you want to take care of him even more. Behind his Casanova façade laid a sensitive and somehow lonely boy with abandonment issues. I think he’s one of my favorite Heidi Cullinan characters.

 The way this story was told through the perspective of both MCs was also a welcome delight. I loved the fact that they have family issues but the author didn’t see the need to drag it further where some author will milk it until the story bleeds to oblivion. This is what I really liked about Heidi Cullinan. There’s some sense of reality in her stories. There’s a certain reality grasp that readers will be able to relate more intimately. I’d really love to read more about this couple and as this is a start of a new series from the author, I’d definitely go grab the next book! This is truly a must-read series!

 Rating: 5 out of 5 stars