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Book Review: KAGE Unleashed (KAGE Trilogy #2) – Maris Black

Kage UnleashedThe first book of this trilogy went on to become one of my top 3 reads this year (so far)  which left me quivering in anticipation with this second installment and I am so fucking glad that it didn’t disappoint! Not one bit! Maris Black simply has that magic touch because I loved everything she has written so far and KAGE Unleashed just totally skyrocketed my fangirling mode to another level towards Michael “Kage” Santori and little oh-so-naïve Jamie Atwood.

“I’d wanted to destroy him. To fucking obliterate him for making me love him, and for being able to live without me. For being able to turn that necklace around with no more thought than changing his socks.”

So, it starts off where the author left me just about dying with that cliffhanger in book one and now, I get to read part of the story from Kage’s point of view. It’s very much refreshing to read the emotional depth of this trained-killing-machine. Kage obviously has a traumatic past with everything orchestrated by his douche of an uncle.

“The truth is, I deserved what I got. For the bad things I’d done in my short twenty-four years of life, I deserved that and a whole lot worse. It was karma.”

The first chapter alone left me nervous (dunno why) with all the feels! It was intense getting a glimpse of Kage’s inner turmoil and what he really feels towards Jamie. Then right after the first chapter, it’s almost a non-stop mirage of events with both Kage and Jamie letting pride and doubts get in their way. I was at the edge of my seat (bed) trying not to yell at both of them for their stubbornness and I wanted to jump for joy  at the same time for staying true to what they feel at the end of the day. Kage asked Jamie to trust him and so he did and vice-versa.

The manipulation of his uncle and that stupid bitch therapist was so laughable because it’s so predictable but I don’t mind predictable if the writing’s this awesome! And speaking of Uncle Santori – we’ll obviously get to hear more from him in the final installment of this trilogy because we didn’t get much of Kage’s past in this book and I really,really hope that Kage will put him in his place. Maris Black just gave us something to nibble on (at least this time, we have some info about the guy) and I honestly cannot wait to get hold of that freaking third book! I’m mentally willing myself to calm down or I’d go berserk and go write a fan fiction about these two. Or maybe not. Haha!

Before reading this, I was warned about another cliffhanger but really, not a big issue at all. It’s not much of a cliffhanger at all if I’m being honest. Just know that this trilogy is just unreal. Just so good and I cannot wait for Kage Unmasked to finally make its way on my reader.  Super fucking mighty fucking highly recommended!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published August 24th 2015 by Maris Black Books

About The Author
Maris Black lives in the Southern United States. In college, she majored in English and discovered the joys of creative writing and literary interpretation. After honing her skills discovering hidden meanings authors probably never intended, she collected her English degree and got a job at a newspaper. But she soon figured out that small town reporting wasn’t going to pay the bills, so she went to work in the medical field. Logical progression, right? But no matter what she did, the self-proclaimed compulsive plotter couldn’t stop writing fiction.

“The M/M genre feels sort of like coming home,” she says. “I can’t quite explain it. I’ve always had openly gay and bisexual friends and relatives, the rights and acceptance of whom are very important to me, so it feels great to celebrate that. But there’s also something so pure and honest about the love between two men that appeals to me and inspires me to write.”

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Book Review: KAGE (KAGE Trilogy #1) – Maris Black

KageI’m usually checking out books to read through recommendations and ratings and this one immediately got my interest when I found out it’s about MMA fighters. I’m like – Whoot! Hoot! I want me some Travis Maddox from this genre – lo and behold – I got a way better deal. I got Michael Kage Santori aka Kage ( Ting! Ting! Ting!) And it’s coming from Maris Black – a new author for me and by god it feels like I hit a jackpot with this novel. It’s abso-fucking-lutely amazing! I’m like OMG (no.1), this was like the first book I’ve read this year that totally affected me so much because I’m just so into the MCs.

It’s not just about Kage though, it’s also about Jamie Atwood and his aspiration to become a publicist. Little did he know that his coverage of an MMA fight for a project at uni and his first encounter with Kage will land him an internship as the publicist of the guy himself? And OMG (no.2) from the start, their chemistry was just EXPLOSIVE. See, people Jamie’s straight. He’s got a girlfriend and he’s all too focus on becoming a great journalist. At first, it feels like him having feelings with Kage were like out of nowhere and totally WTF but overtime, it just came naturally. Like it was meant to happen the way it was written. OMG (no.3) worthy right?

Kage meanwhile has no qualms whatsoever about his sexuality. Although not entirely out from the closet (due to his UFC aspirations,) he’s also very much open to having a relationship and with Jamie – he’s willing to do everything. Only thing is, Jamie’s only open about it in the privacy of their bedroom.

Now at the beginning, I was thinking that I’d see a lot of Kage fighting his opponents and getting all bloody and brute on us but nope – if you’re looking for some MMA action here, you’d be hella disappointed. There’s only two major fights here – the first one was the first fight that Jamie was able to witness from Kage and the second one was their fight about their relationship at the end. Do not fret though, because it’s all good. It feels like in this very first book we get to meet these two guys who are still in the process of accepting things about themselves and revealing something about them that will make you more curious and yearn for more up to the last page. For some reason, the slow burn in the story between these two makes it more exciting and when it finally happened it was like OMG (no.4) – that was like the hottest thing ever!

Now this may sound too much but it’s just perfection for me. Every chapter and every page were thoughtfully written – it’s just simply worth your time reading it word per word. My problem right now is the almost three months wait for the sequel (Arrrrggghhh), I feel like having a withdrawal (not that I knew exactly how that feels unless you count my catatonic state after the final season of Fisica O Quimica) and OMG (no.5) people,  git your copy NOW!!!! Just fucking Get.It.Right.Now!

Rating: Fucking Perfect Five Stars out of Fucking Perfect Five Stars!

Published May 25th 2015 by Maris Black Books

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