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Book Review: The Enlightenment of Daniel – Eli Easton

The Enlightenment Of Daniel[Book 2 of Sex in Seattle Series]

There’s something really beautiful about a book that makes you root for its main characters with intensity. The Enlightenment of Daniel is about family, unrequited love, finding the real you and finding real happiness.

When Daniel Derenzo’s dying father reminded him how short life is, he found himself reevaluating his life that led to a startling revelation that he is actually attracted to his business partner and best friend Nick Ross.  Daniel does not leave anything to chances. He’s shrewd and meticulous planning everything up to the smallest details leading him to consult the experts at the Expanded Horizons sex clinic.

Nick Ross on the other hand has been pining for Daniel since their college days but since Daniel was straight, he’s got no choice but to move on and marry Marcia instead. Now with two kids and a troubled marriage, Nick find himself on the verge of filing a divorce but for fear that by doing so – he’ll never get joint custody.

Then something happened with Daniel that made Nick hope that there must be something in there that may just be what his kids and his heart needed.

I’m really not into characters with kids but sometimes, their characterization in the story makes it all okay to be in the mix between the MCs. Of course it would have to depend on how the author writes it. Nick’s kids are just realistic, fun and are kids of a couple with rocky relationship. I loved the sweet innocence of eight year old Sylvan and the angst and insecurity of Jenny. Even Nick’s wife Marcia’s character was portrayed in a way that you’d feel for her but of course, you’d also want to stab her eyes with a pitchfork.

And we’ve got Daniel. He’s definitely got fierce control of most situations but he doesn’t come off as controlling. I loved that his inner monologue was quite funny. If you’d look beyond, he’s actually a funny guy. I loved how he’s so determine to take Marcia down. He’s one sweet endearing character! Nick character meanwhile was so mellow and a wee-bit weak in my opinion but I respect his decision at the end of not hurting his wife in the process. I didn’t like that Marcia got out so easily but well, what can I do? It’s all about their kids after all.

The ending was just a dream. It’s a sweet dream that left me smiling from ear to ear. I’m glad that Daniel finally found his true self and his happiness with Nick. This is another great story from Eli Easton and I’m just floored – she’s really, really good.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Review: The Trouble With Tony – Eli Easton

The Trouble With Tony[Book 1 of Sex in Seattle Series]

I totally enjoyed reading this book. After reading two good books by Eli Easton over the holidays, this didn’t come as a surprise.

Seattle P.I. Tony DeMarco is out to solve a murder case of a young woman when he poses as a patient in a Seattle sex clinic where the victim was getting therapy from hot ex-army doctor Dr. Jack Halloran. Upon their first meeting, Tony couldn’t help his attraction and easily figured that the doctor was innocent. But first, he’s got to prove Jack’s innocence before pursuing their seemingly mutual attraction.

I loved how fast paced the story was and how utterly adorable Tony is. I loved when an author does not find the need to resort to a lot of drama to conclude a seemingly complicated plot. It’s always nice when they know how to weave the story well into the development of each character. Here, Eli Easton has proven once again her ability to create loveable characters with a story that easily captivates its readers.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars