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Book Review: Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than The Sun, #2) – John Wiltshire

Conscious Decisions of the HeartNow this one easily includes some of the most intense scenes I’ve ever read from this genre. I’ve read a lot of blood, gore and horrific stuff but those are nothing compared to the intensity and the impact of the scenes here. It’s not even about the blood and all but you see, it’s not just about what the characters see right? It’s mostly what they / we feel along with the characters. Ben and Nik’s relationship is totally official in a way that it’s still not entirely open (with Nik being royalty and all) but they really don’t give a fuck about who knows about it – after all, they do their business privately and they have a very clear understanding about their relationship.

In this book, Nik’s dark past calls to him and went to Russia to do something for an old “friend.” Whilst Nik’s in Russia, Ben decided to travel to Denmark and learn Nik’s language. A slew of events led to Ben succumbing to darkness and a threat gearing up to change everything about them.

I’ve read this book about three months ago and up to now, I’m still in awe and very much affected by it. Rarely a book does it for me like this one. The whole scene with Ben almost doing that “deed” made my heart burn and the agony that follow was more than enough for me to actually pause for a bit before continuing. It’s that good but really, it got my blood pressure really high, I think. The intensity of their relationship was getting stronger and I think right from the very beginning, we all know how intense Nik’s character was. He’s one character that I’d definitely remember if I were given a choice to pick my top 10 from this genre. The secondary characters are very good addition to the cast as we see more from them.

Of course, there’s the event that led them to a relief effort in the Philippines – that was rather special which also proved to be a focal point of what they did next in the series.

John Wiltshire’s writing is nothing but spectacularly affecting. His style is strong, over the top and just too graphic. I would really like to discuss more about the scenes in this book but I’d rather have you guys read it for your enjoyment. Really, if you are a fan of this genre – or even non-reader of MM books – you should definitely give this book a try at least. I’m telling you, it’s so worth it and I encourage everyone to really, really spread the name of this author. I mean, people, he’s so fucking good!!!!

Note: I wrote this review after reading the whole five books (so far) in the series.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published July 3rd 2014 by MLR Press

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About The Author
John Wiltshire spent twenty-two years in the military, perfecting the art of looking busy whilst secretly writing. He left as a senior officer when his tunnel was ready for use. He is now living in New Zealand until he can raise enough money to leave. Although he has no plans to return to the army, he can occasionally be caught polishing his medals.