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Book Review: Junk – Josephine Myles

17798654[Book 1 of the Bristol Collection Series]

I always enjoy reading stuff from Josephine Myles. I love the quirkiness of her characters. This one would’ve been more enjoyable though if not for its lengthy narration. I feel like there’s too much talk in it but less action – less romance, that is. I mean the connection between Lewis (a professional clutter cleaner) and Jasper (a book hoarder) doesn’t seem much at all.  It’s like, that’s the story itself – the Lewis helps Jasper with his hoarding and fell for the guy. Period. I also feel like it was too rushed despite its length and didn’t have a stronger conflict to make it more exciting. Truth be told, I feel like watching an episode of Hoarders minus too much drama. I was even more interested with the story’s secondary characters [Mas] than the couple here. But hey, I’m not saying that it is that bad – not just my thing I guess.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars