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Book Review: Breaking Point (Turning Point #2) – N.R. Walker

Breaking PointBLURB: As guilt plagues him, Matthew Elliott’s world begins to spiral out of control. The harder he holds on, the more it slips through his fingers, and he’s helpless to stop it.

Entering into the underground cage-fighting scene, he starts out fighting for what’s right. The deeper he gets, the more guilt consumes him – the more pain he takes for his penance, and he’s soon fighting for more than justice.


Honestly, this one didn’t work for me. It’s just too much and too angsty for me. There was also a bit of an inconsistency here about Matt’s character which if you’d read from the first book – you’d easily get it.

In this installment, Matt decided to “quit” the force and enters an underground cage-fighting scene. This was surprise! Surprise! An undercover job which he kept from Kira in “order to protect him”  – really man?!

You see, Matt’s still guilty for what happened to Kira in the first book and so he added more weight into his guilt by lying to Kira this time. Baloney!

I feel like this series lost its way from promising to less than enticing. Matt became unbearably annoying and all the talks about guilt, guilt and guilt were a bit unnerving. I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d like to. I only liked Kira here and thought that he should’ve let Matt grovel more and not gave in that easily. This series is definitely not one of my favorites from N.R. Walker.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Published November 22nd 2013 by Totally Bound (first published November 21st 2013)

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