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Review: Little Manhattan (2005)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

For some reason, this film reminds me so much of 500 Days of Summer, though bigger in so many ways. It was the story of Gabe (Josh Hutcherson,) a young kid in Manhattan whose parents are about to divorce and how he felt love for Rosemary and his young heart breaking for the first time.

The film consisted of some serious lines delivered by the ever so charming Josh Hutcherson. It was a thorough inspection of love, young love, giving and receiving it and dealing with it altogether. Just how a film could give us a breakdown of Love 101? Little Manhattan dissects the word pretty good that you’d find yourself smiling from ear to ear while being moved at the same time.

Best Scene: That scene when Gabe was literally bawling after a heated telephone call with Rosemary. That was just hillarious!

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Director: Mark Levin / Jennifer Flackett
Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Charlie Ray, Bradly Whitford, Cynthia Nixon

by the way, Happy Valentines folks!